Expert Guidance

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We always ensure that the products we test and review are truly the best ones. It can be tough to tell, especially when it comes to long-term use of products. Therefore, experts in their respective fields, share their insights with us and help form our opinions of the products we review.

How do we know what to review a product on?

First, we seek inspiration from consumers and professional magazines. Secondly, we let industry-experts guide us. For example, if we review a product for health, we seek information from physicians or scientists. We do tend to seek advice from professionals with higher education, but if we’re, for example, reviewing products about cookbooks we’ll seek information from chefs instead. If we’re reviewing dog toys, we’ll seek dog owners opinion. The more experience they have with the products, the better.

Are you an expert?

If you feel like you have expert knowledge of some products, we’d like you to contact us. We are always looking for people with a ton of product experience to help improve our reviews. Whether you’re a chef, woodworker, scientist, physician or just have a love for shoes, we’re interested in your cooperation.

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