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Arcade 1Up Classic Galaga Arcade Machine Review: Best Affordable

Looking to improve your game room with the original Galaga arcade game? This machine can provide you with just that with the original Galaga artwork at a much more affordable price!

Arcade 1Up Classic Galaga Arcade Machine

Arcade 1Up Classic Galaga Arcade Machine

There aren’t too many machines that offer Galaga and Galaxian together. Since these games aren’t as popular as some other options on the market, it’s really nice to find a machine dedicated to the Galaga and Galaxian franchises. This machine offers a genuine experience and could be just what you need in your basement or game room if you’re a fan of these games.

  • Brand: Arcade 1Up
  • Asin: B07NLKK2F7
  • Dimensions: 22.75"D x 19”W x 57.8”H


When going through the different customer reviews, the only complaint I found about this machine is assembly. And while it can be hard to assemble, there are many customers who braved through it and had the machine assembled in under an hour! On top of that, this machine comes with both the Galaga and Galaxian games, which may not be as popular as Pac-Man and other options out there, but it still offers a very fun playing experience. This machine is also ¾ size like a lot of the other Arcade1Up options, so you don’t have to worry about building a dedicated game room just for the machine.


  • Contains the original Galaga game
  • Features great and accurate artwork
  • Takes up less space than a full-sized arcade machine
  • Features the Galaxian game as well
  • Has a 17’’ color screen


  • Hard to assemble
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Looking for a unique game for your arcade setup?

Then it might be time to look the other way when it comes to Pac-Man and Street Fighter options and shift your attention to this Galaga and Galaxian arcade machine.

These two games feature unique gameplay and artworks that can provide gamers with a unique experience. On top of that, this 3/4th size machine easily fits into just about any room out there without taking up too much space!


The main feature of this machine is that it comes with two different games. While Galaga and Galaxian usually go hand in hand, both options provide a unique experience, so this machine can cater to multiple types of gamers.

Additionally, this machine comes with a 17’’ color LCD screen. While this isn’t era-accurate since most machines sued CRT monitors at the time, it can still make for a really immersive experience. On top of that, you get to control the volume of the games, so if you would rather listen to your own music while playing, you can totally do that with this option!


This machine is fairly durable. Of course, it isn’t advised to hit it and drop it around all over the place, so make sure to take care when moving it to a different location. But other than that, the wooden cabinet and case make for good protection and the machine won’t tip or topple over if someone accidentally bumps into it.

Ease of use

Assembling this machine can be hard. Since it’s 3/4th size, most delivery services cannot deliver it in one piece. With that said, it does come with all the screws and instructions for setting up the machine, so if you have experience building or assembling furniture, you can get this done in under an hour.

However, we still advise people to be patient when assembling this machine as there may be some parts of the assembly that require significant effort and elbow grease.

Value for money

For its price, this machine offers great value. Considering that most full-size machines can cost you upwards of $1,000, this option offers a way for gamers to save money. Of course, you have to deal with a slightly smaller screen and lesser quality speakers, but that isn’t too big a deal considering the fact that the Galaga and Galaxian games are very immersive.

Final verdict

If you want to kick back and play a classic game of Galaga or Galaxian in your own game room, this is a great option for you. This 3/4th size machine easily sets up in just about any game room or basement setup without taking up too much space. On top of that, this machine is also available at an affordable price, making it great for people building a game room on a budget!

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