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Arcade1Up Pac-Man Classic Arcade Machine Review: Best for Adults

Looking for that classic arcade experience? With this Pac-Man machine, you and the family could have hours of fun with the timeless game!

Arcade1Up Pac-Man Classic Arcade Machine

Arcade1Up Pac-Man Classic Arcade Machine

It’s hard to find Pac-Man machines that don’t take up half a room nowadays. So, the fact that this is a compact, 3/4th size model that provides the full experience is a huge point in its favor. On top of that, the machine doesn’t just come with the classic Pac-Man, but it’s also loaded with Pac-Man Plus, which is essentially the same game, but with more detailed and complex graphics.

  • Brand: Arcade1Up
  • Asin: B07LGHBJ7H
  • Number of games: 2 games


This Arcaded1Up replica Pac-Man machine was close to perfect. Loaded with two versions of the classic Pac-Man game, with volume control and an on-screen menu, it’s really easy to roll back the years with this option. On top of that, since it’s 3/4th size, it easily fits into smaller spaces. Since many people struggle to find the right placement for large arcade machines, this is a great feature. On top of that, it has real joysticks that feel really good in the hand. With that said, the joysticks leave some room for improvement as some customers complained that they are fairly flimsy. Additionally, assembly with this machine isn’t the easiest task, with other people comparing it to assembling a piece of IKEA furniture.


  • Features one of the most famous arcade games of all time
  • 3/4th scale fits easier in basements and game rooms
  • Comes with Pac-Man and Pac-Man Plus
  • You can adjust the volume
  • Plays just like the classic arcade machines


  • The joystick is fairly flimsy
  • Can be hard to assemble
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Tired of boring and non-immersive video games?

Then you’ll really enjoy this Pac-Man machine. Pac-Man is one of the most popular arcade games for a reason. It’s an easy-to-understand, yet challenging game that provides a fun experience for just kids and adults alike.

And if you’re a grown-up looking to introduce their kids to the classics or you’re just looking to reignite that childhood flame in you, this is a great option. And while it has its own set of flaws, this is undeniably one of the best 3/4th scale arcade machines on the market today.


The primary feature of this machine is the two games loaded into it. So, you can choose between the classic Pac-Man game or Pac-Man Plus, which is known for having more detailed graphics than its predecessor. And to make the experience even more immersive, the machine even has classic Pac-Man artwork on the cabinet that instantly brings back memories of summer days at the public arcade.

While this is a 3/4th size machine, you still get responsive joysticks. Playing with the joystick and controllers on this machine is very similar to playing it on real arcade machines at the public arcade. And while they might feel fairly flimsy, that’s about expected from a 3/4th scale machine.

Additionally, you can control the volume of the machine. So, whether you want the full and loud experience or something more laid back in terms of sound, you are in complete control.


As mentioned earlier, the joystick on this model feels fairly flimsy. For the most part, this rings true throughout the whole machine. Keep in mind that this is one of the more affordable options out there, so it won’t have the same build quality as the models that cost upwards of $1,000.

With that said, considering its price, this machine holds up pretty well. It’s heavy and sturdy enough that it won’t fall over if people bump the machine, which is largely because of the real wooden cabinet.

Again, it’s best to treat this machine gently, as if you’re too rough with the joystick and buttons, you risk breaking them.

Ease of use

There are mixed reviews when it comes to the assembly of the machine. While some people compared assembling the machine to setting up IKEA furniture and just requires focus and a bit of elbow grease, many others complained of it is very hard to set up.

This might depend mostly on your own skills with tools and experience setting up arcade machines. But if you follow the instructions closely, you’ll have this machine set up and ready for use in no time at all!

Value for money

This machine is one of the cheaper options out there. Since it’s 3/4th size, it’s easier to squeeze this machine into smaller spaces, and it also largely reduces the production costs. In this day and age, legitimate and full-sized arcade machines can cost you up to $1,000 or more.

So, since this model is for sale for well below that number, it offers great value for the price. Especially when you consider that the machine features two Pac-Man games, responsive controls, and volume control!

Final verdict

If you’re looking to play Pac-Man at home, this machine is arguably one of the best options for you. It features everything you need from a Pac-Man machine such as volume control, a great screen, durable build quality, and two different Pac-Man games.

But since it’s 3/4th size, it fits better in most homes and is available at a much lower price than usual!

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