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Atomic 9’ Platinum Shuffleboard Table Review: Best 9ft Table

Tired of short shuffleboard tables that take the fun out of the game? With this model, you can still get the full table-top shuffleboard experience without taking up all the space in the room!

Atomic 9’ Platinum Shuffleboard Table

Atomic 9’ Platinum Shuffleboard Table

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a well-balanced table that is just the right size for indoor shuffleboard. If you have a basement game room or you want to put in a fun and casual game inside the house, this table fits the bill just right. And despite its size, it still comes with a poly-coated surface and just about everything you need from a high-quality and functional shuffleboard table.

  • Brand: Atomic
  • Product number: M01702AW
  • Material: Wax


If you’re tired of playing shuffleboard games that feel short, this is a great table for you. Standard shuffleboard tables are 12-feet long, which can take up too much space. On the flip side, there are many options on the market that are way too short to play a functional game. This Atomic Platinum table finds the perfect middle ground as a 9-foot table perfect for casual and competitive shuffleboard games. However, while it is a great size, it does lack climatic adjusters which limits when and where you can play and many customers have reported that assembly can be really hard, which is a huge point against this model.


  • Just the right size for fun and competitive shuffleboard games
  • Poly-coated surface for a smooth experience
  • Comes with pucks
  • Pedastal legs provide a flat and even surface
  • Has a built-in abacus style scorer


  • Doesn’t have climatic adjusters
  • Assembly can be tough
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Is your pool table taking up too much basement space? Or maybe your current shuffleboard table isn’t long enough to provide you with the experience you’re looking for.

If this is the case, this Atomic 9-foot table finds just the right balance between saving space without sacrificing aspects of the game. It is just the right size to fit inside basements, game rooms, and even living rooms while still making for a fun and exciting game of shuffleboard.

And while it may lack some features you’d want from outdoor tables, this is arguably one of the best indoor shuffleboard tables on the market today.


Admittedly, this shuffleboard table doesn’t come with all the features you need, but it definitely comes with enough. For starters, the smooth and coated playing surface allows the pucks to seemingly glide on top, which is one of the most important qualities of any shuffleboard table.

On top of that, it had pedestal legs to ensure a flat playing surface. There are times where your floor or surface isn’t even, and that can make for a very lopsided shuffleboard game. So, by adjusting the pedestal legs to just the right height, you can make sure that everyone plays a fair and even game. It even comes with pucks and an abacus scoring system to help keep track of scores.

One feature that is clearly missing from this option, however, is climatic adjusters. If you plan on putting this table outdoors, climatic adjusters can even out the wood whenever it warps because of the humidity in your area. So, if you need an outdoor shuffleboard table, this may not be the right option for you.


In terms of durability, this table does a fairly good job. With a veneered playing surface, you get a fair amount of durability, just not as much as some of the hardwood and single-pieced options out there. Additionally, some customers noted a piece of plastic that surrounds the wooden surface that comes off after some time.

Remember, this table is significantly cheaper than other premium models out there, so there are some sacrifices you have to make. But for the price, this table is surprisingly durable.

Ease of use

This area has left a lot of customers conflicted. While some people had a fairly easy time assembling the table, others didn’t. For the best results, we recommend calling in a friend or family member to help you with the assembly. Additionally, keep in mind that this is a pretty heavy table, so make sure to assemble it in the same area where you plan to set it up.

Shuffleboard tables are generally heavy, so you won’t be able to easily carry them around alone. So, if ever you need to move this table for whatever reason, be prepared to call a couple of friends to help you out.

Value for money

To start, this table is fairly affordable. In fact, compared to some of the more premium models out there, it actually offers great value for the price. Remember, shuffleboard tables are large products, so you will have to pay a fair amount of money for a top-quality model.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a good shuffleboard table that comes with a fair amount of features and is great for indoor use, then this table could be just the one you need at home!

Final verdict

This table isn’t without flaws. The lack of climatic adjusters and the durability issues are definitely there. However, considering its price point and the fact that it’s the ideal size for indoor shuffleboard, these flaws are easily forgivable. And at the end of the day, this table is still one of the top models on the market today and could provide you and your friends with hours of good fun!

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