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Barrington Billiards Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table Review: Best Size for Family

Family getting bored by game night? Time to shake things up a bit with this great shuffleboard table that gives the full experience at a smaller size!

Barrington Billiards Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table

Barrington Billiards Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table

If you need a shuffleboard table that can comfortably fit in the game room or basement, this is a great option for you. For home shuffleboard games, a 9-foot table is more than enough to get the job done without taking up the whole room. On top of that, the faux concrete block legs provide a very stable and sturdy surface for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Brand: Barrington Billiards
  • Asin: B08B9KDJYT
  • Material: Wood


While it may be one of the heavier options out there, this Barrington Shuffleboard Table is one of the best picks for families on the market today. This 9-foot table provides you and everyone playing with the authentic shuffleboard experience while being just the right size for game rooms and basements. The playing surface is fiberboard with laminate, which means it isn’t the most durable option out there, but it is good enough to serve you and the family for years to come!


  • Ideal size for family games
  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Modern design
  • Great playing surface
  • Comes with an abacus scorer


  • Fairly heavy
  • Not the most durable materials
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Have a hard time getting the kids to participate during the game night?

Then you might need a new game to play. With this shuffleboard table, you can introduce the family to a fun and simple game that will give everyone a good time the whole night through. With fun and modern design, this is a great fit in just about any modern household.

On top of that, it comes with a decent playing surface, abacus scorer, and even pucks so you can get to playing the minute you set it up!


This is a great shuffleboard table that gets the job done. And while the playing surface may seem like it’s made out of solid wood, it isn’t, which was a slight disappointment. This playing surface is made of fiberboard and laminate, which does a good enough job, but it is susceptible to warping and damage, so make sure to take care of this table properly to avoid having to replace it.

With that said, the rest of the table is done really well. The pucks slide right on the surface, which replicates a full-size shuffleboard court. On top of that, the table features a modern design with faux concrete block legs that add a rustic touch to the overall aesthetic.


In terms of durability, this table could have been done better. As mentioned earlier, fiberboard isn’t the most durable material for shuffleboard playing surfaces, so it would have been nice if this model features a solid piece of wood as the surface. Fiberboard is prone to warping, so some customers complain of the wood warping after some time, making it impossible to play shuffleboard.

So, make sure to keep this table in the right place in the house where it won’t receive that much weather damage. And since it doesn’t have climate adjusters, it can be very hard to fix the wood if it does end up warping.

Ease of use

The legs of this table come pre-assembled. So when this table arrives, all you have to do is attach the legs and get to playing. However, keep in mind that this is a very heavy table. So, it would be best to set it up in the same place you plan on putting it. If you need to move this table around for whatever reason, you’ll probably have to call in a friend to help you with the lifting.

Value for money

This is a pretty expensive model. While it does only feature a fiberboard playing surface, everything else justifies the price point. While it may cost you some money, if you buy this table, you’re getting a modern design, abacus scorer, and everything you need to start playing friendly games of shuffleboard!

Final verdict

If you’re a serious shuffleboard enthusiast looking for a top-tier table, this may not be the best option. However, if you’re looking for a good table with a great design for family game nights and casual parties, this is a great option for you. While it may cost some money, it has a killer design and a couple of other features that make it one of the best options for families on the market today.

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