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Barrington Billiards Wentworth Shuffleboard Table Review: Best for Home

Tired of dated and old shuffleboard tables? This model sports a modern design, a smooth playing surface, and a variety of size options to fit your needs just right!

Barrington Billiards Wentworth Shuffleboard Table

Barrington Billiards Wentworth Shuffleboard Table

You won’t find too many shuffleboard tables that can match the design of this model. The black playing surface is something that definitely stands out amongst the pack, especially since a lot of other tables in this price range use regular and bright wood. The black playing surface makes it easier to see the colored pucks and adds a touch of class and style to the overall design.

  • Brand: Barrington Billiards
  • Asin: B07TY1Z9ZR
  • Materials: Engineered wood & metal


This Barrington Shuffleboard is a great addition to any modern household. It has a sleek black playing surface, has linings to reduce noise, and it even has climate adjusters so you can play a smooth game of shuffleboard regardless of the weather. However, while it comes with great features, the pucks that come in the package aren’t the best, which is a slight letdown considering the premium price point of this model.


  • A great shuffleboard table for home gaming setups
  • Sports a modern design
  • The smooth and sleek playing surface
  • Lining on the walls reduces the noise
  • Comes with shuffleboard wax and pucks


  • Relatively expensive
  • The pucks it comes with could be better
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Tired of old-school and dated shuffleboards?

Then this modern take on the shuffleboard table could be just what you need. Contrary to popular belief, shuffleboard is a simple and fun sport for everyone! So, if you want a table that is more suited to modern tastes and trends, then the design, materials, and functionality of this shuffleboard table could be just what you need in your game room!


This is a 9-foot table, so it won’t be as large as some of the other models you might find in your local rec center, but it still offers a large enough playing surface for fun games. But the main highlight of this table is the black color on the surface, which isn’t something you’ll see on most other shuffleboard tables. Granted, the black surface serves more of an aesthetic purpose than a practical one, but considering the fact that your shuffleboard table will probably be the centerpiece of the room, a cool design is a good thing.

Another cool feature that makes this a great model for home gaming is that it has linings on the walls and gutters. While it is a fairly relaxed game, the sound of the pucks sliding across the surface and hitting the walls can be annoying to other people in the house. With the linings on this model, you won’t have to worry about bugging everyone else with loud noises.

Additionally, the built-in abacus scorer is a great way to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Nothing can ruin a friendly shuffleboard game than a score disagreement, and the built-in scorer is designed to prevent these disagreements.


This is a premium table, so you can expect it to be a durable model. It’s made out of wood and metal to ensure its longevity. If you choose to invest in this model, keep in mind that it is built to last you many years. So, regular bumps and dings should be no worry with this table. On top of that, this table is engineered really well so the table is very sturdy and stable, so games won’t be ruined by someone bumping the table and moving all the pucks.

Ease of use

While it is a large shuffleboard table, many customers said that installation was very easy. Granted, since you have to lift the table and flip it over after installing the legs, you need a second or even third hand for the job. This is a very heavy table, so it will be hard, if not impossible, for a single person to lift it. But if you call over some friends and make sure to follow the manual, you’ll have this table set up and ready for friendly games in no time at all!

Value for money

While this is a pretty expensive model, you are getting your money’s worth. It has a great surface and a bunch of premium features to justify the price tag. However, keep in mind that this is best used by people who have experience with shuffleboard. If it’s your first time buying a shuffleboard table or playing the game, this might be a bit too expensive. But if you’ve played a lot of shuffleboard and understand the value of a premium table, then this is a great pick for you.

Final verdict

While it’s expensive, this is arguably one of the best models on the market. It has a professional-grade playing surface, has a built-in scorer, and even sports a sleek and classic design. If you’re looking to add some entertainment and style to your game room, basement, or even your living room, this is a great option for you!

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