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Best iOS Pinball Game Apps

Pinball games have always fascinated me with their flashing lights, sweeping ramps, chaotic mutli-balls, dramatic sounds and fantastic themes.

Pinball games have always fascinated me with their flashing lights, sweeping ramps, chaotic mutli-balls, dramatic sounds and fantastic themes. The next best thing has got to be all the new pinball video games we can play on the go! The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch have multiple cool apps so you can keep full featured pinball machines in your pocket ready for a quick game or marathon session.

These top quality pinball games feature realistic physics, beautiful graphics, well planned playing fields and dramatic sound. Even as a pinball snob I am highly impressed with these detailed tables available for iOS devices and play on my iPad all the time.

Two games rule them all

There are two iOS pinball games that rise to the top for exceptional quality and each has their appeal for realism and imagination. True pinball fans will not want to miss either.

Zen Pinball – Sorcerer’s Lair

A magical pinball adventure

I give Zen Pinball top mention for it’s well designed playability, spooky adventure theme and cool animated 3D graphics that push the play area beyond a traditional table’s capabilities with animated characters and holographic ghosts. As with other pinball apps there are many tables available within Zen Pinball for in app purchase. This review will concentrate on the fantastic Sorcerer’s Lair table that is included for free.

Pinball fans will soon be addicted to this very playable app with it’s realistic physics and various camera angles to suit your playing preference. The play area contains many interesting features such as ramps, spinners, trap doors and animated characters which provide a wide variety of goals to master for extra points and multi-ball rewards.

Additional tables available for purchase include Marvel Comics themed boards for Wolvertine, Captain America and Thor. The other two medieval themed pinballs are Excalibur and Epic Quest.

Pinball styles

Zen Pinball pushes the envelope of creativity with their special effects, animated releases and familiar Marvel comic character based games.

Not to be outdone, Pinball Arcade brings detailed simulations of some of the best vintage pinball games designed by iconic makers.

Pinball arcade

Your favorite vintage pinball tables for iOS!

Pinball Arcade has earned a top spot in iOS pinball games with it’s re-creation of a a number of well loved classic pinball tables. Many unique features keep things interesting such as curvy ramps, magnetic vortexes, trap doors and spinning diversions.

This pinball app has responsive controls and meticulous graphics that any player will appreciate. It’s main strength however are the well designed tables that accurately capture all the nuances of the original games created by pioneers of the industry. The included game is Tales of the Arabian Nights by Williams pinball and is loads of fun. This is the most realistic iOS pinball I have had the pleasure of playing.

One of the neat features of Pinball Arcade is the short history included for each table as well as the ability to preview the various tables before purchasing. The expanding collection of extra tables available for purchase will tempt any classic pinball fan with a roster including vivid 3D recreations of William’s Bride of PinBot, Ripley’s Belive It or Not by Stern, Black Hole by Gottlieb and Theatre of Magic by Bally.

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