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Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle Review: Best Under $100

Are you an intermediate player looking for an affordable, shakehand style ping-pong paddle? The Butterfly 603 ping pong paddle won’t disappoint you.

Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle

Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle

I loved the arylate carbon added to the five-ply wooden blade. The material increases power which is pretty handy for the attacking player by enhancing the sweet spot area.

  • Brand: Butterfly
  • Product number: B603FL
  • Blade: Wood


This ping pong paddle is a solid buy if you’re getting serious with table tennis. Although it appears expensive for a rubber paddle, it’s a steal for its quality and function. After a long break from the sport, it helped me improve speed and hone my shakehand playing style.


  • Offers great control
  • Long-lasting rubber
  • Reasonable price


  • Short handle for players with large hands
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Butterfly makes some of the best table tennis racquets and ping pong paddles. Although the 603 model is on the lower end, it lives up to the brand’s quality.


The Butterfly 603 ping pong paddle is a premade racket which means it’s designed with specific players in mind- the intermediate players.

The rubber on either side has a varying thickness (2.1 mm on the red side and 1.9 mm on the black side), allowing the user to achieve different speeds and power when hitting the ball.

I’m an intermediate player, so the red side worked for me as it’s thicker. The black side is the best for beginners because the rubber is thinner for better control.

I also loved the flared handle as it provides a firm grip that hardly slips out of hand when playing. A firm grip generates powerful strikes and high-quality spin shots. The handle may appear short for people with large palms, but it’s pretty functional for shake-hand style players.


Although the Butterfly 603 ping pong paddle is premade, it is durable. Premade paddles have a reputation for having cheap materials.

Sometimes the blade is made from poor wood quality that can absorb humidity. In my assessment, the Butterfly 603 blade is made from durable wood and pre-sealed with reliable surface treatments to prevent the blade from slipping.

Ease of use

Typically, the paddle’s weight determines the ease of use and the quality of your shots. Heavy paddles are challenging to maneuver and can compromise the player’s ability to control the ball.

I found the Butterfly 603 ping pong paddle rather lightweight (1.6 pounds), but it might be a little heavy for newbies. When combined with the flared grip, it’s easy to control the speed of the shots.

Value for money

The Butterfly 603 ping pong paddle is an excellent buy for the price. It has a durable construction, generates two different speeds for beginners and intermediate players, and comes with a carrying case, all under $100. The 30-day warranty is a bonus for the price too.

Final verdict

The Butterfly 603 is an excellent paddle for players looking to improve speed and spin. With the 2.0 mm rubber, I increased spin strikes and produced powerful returns quickly. However, being a premade paddle might be off putting to serious players planning to enter the tournaments.

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