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Caring For Your Shuffleboard Table

Owning a shuffle board is not like owning just any table. It requires care and adjustment for a longer life and consistent gameplay.

Owning a shuffle board is not like owning just any table. It requires care and adjustment for a longer life and consistent gameplay. Much like owning a guitar, it requires tuning for you to play correctly. Luckily, maintaining your shuffleboard regularly is not going to take up much of your time, and if done sufficiently will make your play time much more enjoyable.

Climate and table concavity

Don’t think just because you bought an indoor shuffleboard table that you don’t have to worry about the climate. Where you place and play your shuffleboard table will affect to amount of warping the table will experience. The night and day cycle of cooling and heating your board changes its shape. To prevent extra maintenance and to increase your shuffleboard table’s lifespan, try placing your board out of direct sunlight.

Before treating the surface of the table, you need to get that surface into shape, literally. Shuffleboard tables are slightly concave, the extent of which is up to personal preference. You don’t want a convex surface, or your pucks will slide off to the side. Most shuffleboard tables have a climate adjuster underneath the playing surface. Every other week check to make sure your table has the proper concavity, and adjust it accordingly. While you’re examining the tabletop, don’t forget to break out a level to make sure the table remains horizontal, or your gameplay will suffer considerably. Also, if you take a piece of paper and slide it under the level, it should pass easily through the center, and get stuck closer to the edges. This gives you another look at the concavity of your shuffleboard table.

Surface cleaning

For wooden lacquer boards, you can buy shuffleboard cleaner or make your own. Mix water with a quarter cup of vinegar, add in some drops of olive oil to make a cleaner that removes dirt and prevents the board from drying out. For polymer surface, a general surface cleaner will suffice. Always use a soft cloth to apply and wipe your shuffleboard table. Remember to clean your table monthly and adjust depending on use. Once it’s clean, apply liquid wooden furniture wax or liquid shuffleboard wax according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure it has dried before applying other treatments and playing.

Game preparation

You’re ready to apply your silicon spray and powder wax. Spray your table evenly with the silicon spray to provide a base for the powder wax. Then, sprinkle the powder wax until your shuffleboard table has an even layer across the surface. Grab a puck and test out your surface. Make adjustments according to personal preference and skill level. If you’re shuffleboard table is too slick, novices may have difficulty learning the game. This process should be performed before you start playing, and powder wax should be reapplied occasionally between games, depending on use.

With enough care, shuffleboard tables can be the pride of any home or game room. Providing a surface fit for playing and with consistent gameplay is your duty as shuffleboard owner and host. Your fellow players will thank you for your diligence!

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