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Dartboard Cabinets

No bar or game room dartboard is complete without a dartboard cabinets. Dartboard cabinets add a touch of class and have the added benefit of hiding the dartbaord from view when not in use.

One of the most popular additions to any game room or bar is a dartboard. A game of darts is a great way to socialize with friends and family. No bar or game room dartboard is complete without a dartboard cabinets. Dartboard cabinets add a touch of class and have the added benefit of hiding the dartbaord from view when not in use. Need a spot to store your darts, most quality dartboard cabinets have storage for up to 4 sets of darts as well as a built in scoreboard and extra storage for accessories like extra flights, shafts and tips.

Tips for choosing a dartboard cabinet 

There are numerous different kinds of dartboard cabinets on the market today. Some are relatively inexpensive and some will set you back a few bucks. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a cabinet.

First, what kind of dartboard do I have? All steel tip dartboards are the same diameter with the only difference being the thickness of the board. Bristle dartboards are thicker then cork boards but the thickness should make no difference in the kind of cabinet you buy. What will make a difference is whether you are using a standard dartboard or an electronic dartboard. Electronic boards come in a whole host of shapes and sizes and not all are compatible with every dartboard cabinet. If you plan on getting a cabinet for your electronic board, be sure to check the measurements.

Next we want to consider where we will be hanging our dartboard. Like furniture, dartboard cabinets come in different colors, wood types and finishes. Matching your furniture or decor may be a consideration. In addition to plan faced cabinets, there are a whole host of neet designs to choose from. Everything from your favorite sports team to your favorite beer. You can even get the face of your cabinet personalized.

Storage and overall size is your last consideration. The size of your dartboard cabinet my be dictated by the size of your electronic dartboard or it may be dictated by the amount of wall space you have and the storage space you require. You can purchase a cabinet that is no bigger then the dartboard and with no storage or you can by a cabinet with lots of extra storage space. And if you don’t have a place on your wall for your dartboard, a stand alone dartboard cabinet may be your best bet.

Darts: a short history 

The game of darts started quite by accident. Back during the Medieval times in England, one of the methods for teaching accuracy to archers was to shorten the arrows and have the students throw them at the bottom of barrels. The thinking is that the archers took their broken arrows to the pub with them to show off their new found skills.

Eventually the archers decided that hauling barrels into the pubs was a little bit of a hassle so somebody had the idea to bring a section of tree trunk that had been cut. If you look at a tree that has been cut in half, you will no doubt notice the rings. This medieval practice eventually turned into the modern day darts.

The game once enjoyed by the archers was soon admired by the upper class, to include kings. Legend has it that Henry the VIII was an avid dart thrower.

As with most of English traditions, the game of darts was introduced in America by the Pilgrams who are reported to have played on the Mayflower. It wasn’t until the early 1900 that the rules we adhere to today began to be established. After WWII, the rules began to be standardized and in the early 70’s, the distance between the throwing line and the dartboard was made official the world over.

Dart games 

Everybody has heard of the game of cricket, 301 and 501 but did you know that there are numerous other games enjoyed by dart throwers? Here are but a few to consider:

301 / 501
Around the World
Sudden Death
Around the Clock
Total Dart
Cut Throat
High Jump
Fox Hunt

…..and the list goes on. All are unique in there own way and all are a blast to play. The rules for these games and the many others can be found on the net.

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