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DHS HURRICANE-II Ping Pong Paddle Review: Best for Professionals

Are you looking for a racket with a high degree of spin and offensive and defensive capabilities? Check out the DHS HURRICANE II ping pong paddle.



Its oversize design helped me find a sweet spot when serving and returning strikes. It also keeps my opponents on their toes because I can catch more balls on the return.

  • Brand: DHS
  • Asin: B072HSK4WY
  • Material: Wood


The DHS HURRICANE II is undoubtedly designed with a professional player in mind. The rubbers on both sides of the blade support all-around play and deliver the best spin for offensive and defensive players. On the other hand, the handle is designed to enhance comfort, control, and optimal performance when playing.


  • ITTF-approved
  • Durable construction
  • High degree of spin


  • Rubber loses stickiness after some time
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

DHS is one of the best table tennis brands, and this Hurricane II ping pong paddle is an excellent example. It’s well-constructed, durable, and suitable for players with a solid grasp of the game’s fundamentals.


The different rubber types on either side of the blade struck my eye. A Hurricane II red rubber is on one side, which delivers high spins and speed for offensive shots.

The other side has the G555 black rubber that provides more control when making defensive strikes. I found the G555 rubber incredibly tacky, a bonus for players who want to focus on control.


This paddle’s performance and effectiveness are a testament to the high-quality materials used in its construction. The rubber is Chinese-made and can withstand the rigors of everyday play.

What’s more, it comes covered with a piece of plastic to protect the rubber when not in use (be sure to put the cover back after the game). The wood is also hard-wearing; I would have to play more than 75 hard-core matches before buying another racket.

Ease of use

The DHS Hurricane II feels heavier than other paddles right off the bat. Seasoned players might not notice the extra weight, mainly because the handle is quite sturdy and feels comfortable in hand.

I also loved its length, which allowed me to play for a long time without developing sweaty palms. The only downside is that the paddle needs maintenance to keep it in top shape. After playing, I had to wash the rubber with a sponge and air dry it to maintain its stickiness.

Value for money

The DHS Hurricane II ping pong paddle is quite pricey, even for a seasoned table tennis player. Its performance and durable construction are worth the price, but there are cheaper tournament-grade paddles.

also provides a free padded carrying case to keep the paddle safe, two balls and a few accessories, a bonus for the steep cost.

Final verdict

Overall, the DHS Hurricane II is a solid buy for professional players. Its unique construction plays out to help any player win the game. However, I found its price quite steep and the lingering fishy smell off putting.

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