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Does Drinking Beer Make You a Better Pool Player

Ever heard someone say that they play better when they are drunk? Could this be true.

Ever heard someone say that they play better when they are drunk? Could this be true. Well, it turns out that having a few drinks before play can actually make you perform slightly better. Sort of.

Most of us at one point or another have had a few beers while carelessly shooting out a rack. We run around the table without a care in the world. Our stroke is true and our eye is dead. Even when we miss the ball goes in the pocket.

Why is this? Doesn’t drinking usually make your hand to eye coordination worse?

When you have had a few drinks and are starting to feel good, your subconscious has already started to take over your body as a way of protecting you. It knows that your body is better off in its hands, and that your conscious mind is on its own with the decisions.

Playing pool at its highest level requires that you tap into your subconscious mind. When you are not physically trying to make something happen, it just happens. When you’re in your car, do you ever look at the steering wheel when you turn corners? I didn’t think so. That is because your subconscious mind has control over the situation, leaving your conscious mind to make meaningful decisions like where your headed.

Even more so, have you ever drove your car and made it safely to your destination without even realizing that you were driving, or how you got there? Were you in deep thought about something else? That is what every pool player should strive for when playing competitively. That is the point where your subconscious and conscious mind have come together in perfect harmony.

Drinking does not make you a better pool player. It can make you a better shot maker, but because of the effects of alcohol on your conscious mind, you will not think better. The other problems associated with drinking and playing pool are obvious. You can never duplicate the same level of intoxication. There is no consistency. Sure you may be able to drink 2 beers and say that you feel the same, but how much water did you drink that day? How much food did you consume prior to drinking? All good reasons to stay away from drinking alcohol if you want to play at the highest level.

Having a few brews with some friends is always fun. Maybe play a bit of pool, relax, and share stories of good times. But there is always a cut off point that should be exercised if you are going to take your pool game to the next level. As always, when choosing to have a good time, keep it at that.Think of your pool game like your car. You shouldn’t drive drunk as not to wreck your car, and you shouldn’t play pool drunk as to not wreck your game.

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