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Electronic Dartboard with Cabinet

Electronic dart boards are perfect for people who love the game but dislike the scoring part. These dart boards will do all that for you and more.

I’ve decided to get my husband an electronic dartboard with cabinet for Christmas. But with so many to choose from, how do I narrow it down to just one?

Electronic dart boards are perfect for people who love the game but dislike the scoring part. These dart boards will do all that for you and more. They keep track of scores for multiple players and some of them even give you some “helpful” commentary along the way.

I’ll be looking for a dartboard set that not only looks good but gives players the old fashioned feel of a traditional dart game with a modern twist. You will need to read on to find out which one I pick for hubby.

Halex Bristle Tech Electronic Dart Board with Cabinet

This is a contemporary cabinet style with silver trim that would look good in any modern games room. The game itself has 38 different games with 211 variations and up to eight players can be scoring at a time which is great if you have a big crowd over. It also has an optional trash talk feature which you will probably choose to turn off once the novelty has worn off.

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard in Wood Cabinet

This has a good looking wood cabinet that won’t break the bank. This set has a huge 16 player functionality and there are five skill levels from beginner to advanced. What sets this electronic dart board apart is the large 6.5 inch display. You should have no trouble reading the scores from the throw line with this beauty.

Sportcraft CLX6250 LCD Dartboard with Cabinet

This cabinet is made from a molded plastic which I think gives it a rather futuristic look. There are 25 games, 140 variations and up to eight players can score. It also has voice and sound effects for some added entertainment. The cabinet holds 6 soft tip darts and when not in use the board automatically switches to clock mode. Clever.

Arachnid Walnut Electronic Dartboard Cabinet

This is a vintage style wood cabinet but with all the modern functions that you would expect. The doors even have self-closing hinges. Up to 8 players can play 29 games with 127 options. The great thing about this set is that the board and display are built-in to the cabinet making it super easy to install on your wall. I think it looks pretty good too.

Sportcraft XL4000 Lighted Electronic Dartboard

This is what I could classify a novelty style dartboard because the lights and sound effects make it like an arcade game. It has 8 player capacity, 14 games and 24 playing variations. Not only does it light up every time a dart hits it, it will also light up before you throw to suggest the best possible shot. This would be a great set for kids or adults who are just learning the game.

Features a smart LED lit dartboard, an LCD backlit display for score tracking, and the easy selection dial, all enclosed a sliding cabinet. Games include Lights-Out Cricket, Light It Up, Check-Out 301, Windmill, Around-the Whirl, Inside Out and many more.
Set includes 6 soft tip darts,12 additional soft dart tips, AC adaptor, and a wall mounting system.

Regent-Halex Millennia Electronic Dartboard in Wood Cabinet

Another wood cabinet with a modern look and feel. You get 28 games with this set and 167 level variations. It has two electronic scoring displays and there is also a “trash-talk” feature that you either love or hate. But don’t worry, you can always turn it off if it gets a bit too annoying.

Voit Falcon Electronic Dartboard

This is the cheapest electronic dartboard featured here and has an all-in-one molded case. Up to 8 players can play 21 games with 65 variations. It features sound effects and announcer comments which all add to the fun especially if you have a big group watching. It comes with two sets of soft-tip darts which store neatly inside the cabinet when not in use. This electronic dartboard set would be a perfect introduction to the game of darts and great value at less than $50.

Arcade Style Cabinet with Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Game

This cabinet has a beautiful mahogany finish and is free-standing or can be fixed to the wall for extra stability. No expense has been spared with this unit. It features the top of the line Arachnid electronic dartboard for up to 8 players, 39 games and 179 options.
I especially love how it has a roomy cabinet at the bottom to keep everything neat and tidy. This is definitely one good looking unit.

Bristletronic Dartboard with Cabinet

This dartboard with wooden cabinet will appeal to the purists out there. It has an authentic bristle board which accepts both soft tip and real steel darts (6 steel tip darts are included). Up to 8 players can score in 37 games with 272 variations. This dartboard set will satisfy players who are used to the standard bristle board and steel darts but want the added convenience of electronic scoring. And for the record, this is the one I’ll be getting for my man.

Medalist Spectrum Elite Electronic Dartboard

This computerized arcade game dartboard is the most expensive set featured here and would be an ideal gift for the man who has everything. It features a 19 inch flat panel screen, up to four players, 27 different dart games and you can also play against the computer. This is the same type of machine found in bars and clubs and without doubt would be a huge hit in your games room.

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