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Expert Table Tennis Palio Expert Table Tennis Racket Review: Best for Beginners

Having a great ping pong paddle is critical to mastering the basics of the game. This paddle is designed to help players learn to control and spin.

Expert Table Tennis Palio Expert Table Tennis Racket

Expert Table Tennis Palio Expert Table Tennis Racket

Palio uses a thicker sponge to help players produce better and more offensive strokes. When coupled with the soft, tacky rubber, the player can achieve a higher degree of control.

  • Brand: Expert Table Tennis
  • Asin: B07V4QCZQS
  • Good for: Spin


Palio Expert 3.0 helps beginners build a great foundation in playing table tennis. Whether playing as an offensive or defensive player, this paddle helps one execute basic techniques easily. It also has a durable construction but might wear out after months of extensive use.


  • Generates sufficient spin & control
  • Replaceable rubber


  • Needs cleaning regularly
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Palio is a Chinese-based brand that produces pre-made bats. So far, it has produced three paddle models, and the 3.0 series is the latest. It’s an upgrade from the previous 2.0 paddle, evident from its improved construction, redesigned handle, and longer-lasting case.


The Palio Expert 3.0 is a great beginner’s paddle. The rubber delivers a good grip, but the bounce isn’t as good as that on high-end paddles.

I noticed it dampens the ball’s hit, leading to a slower speed but more control. And as a beginner, you want to improve control, not speed. Its surface is very tacky, giving players lots of spin and grip, whereas the sponge is soft to enhance control.


The paddle is well-built compared to its predecessor, the Palio Expert 2.0. The outer part of the blade is thicker and has an edge tape that protects the exposed part of the blade.

Palio also adds a cover to protect the paddle from dust and elements when not in use. Its zipper is firm and barely comes off after many uses. However, I noted the rubber separates from the blade after eight months of extensive use.

Ease of use

The paddle might be a little hard to get used to because it’s much more sensitive. However, once I got a grip of it, my friend struggled to keep up with the spins. The grippy rubber surface made spinning much easier, and the flared handle enhanced control.

Flared handles are suitable for Shakehand grip players because they are comfortable, ergonomic, and enhance performance.

Value for money

The paddle is a great buy for the price. Its high-quality construction can withstand rigorous use for months, but it needs a little maintenance (clean the rubber before and after use with water and mild soap). I also loved that Palio added a zipper pull on the bag. It seems a small item but gives value for money.

Final verdict

Overall, the Palio Expert 3.0 is a solid buy for beginners. The speed is a little on the lower side but still faster than the cheaper paddles I have used. The spin and control are exceptional; the most important attributes novice players should master.

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