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Getting Started in Table Tennis: Rules for Learning Ping Pong

Although the game’ is not as strenuous as tennis and the rules are easy to understand, it takes quick reflexes to play well.

Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is a fun sport enjoyed by all ages. Although the game’ is not as strenuous as tennis and the rules are easy to understand, it takes quick reflexes to play well. To get the most of the sport it’s important to choose a suitable table and know basic rules.

Choosing a ping pong table

Because a standard tournament size ping pong table measures nine feet by five feet there needs to be enough room for housing it. Foldable tables are good choices for basements with limited space. Tables intended for outdoor use or screened porches should be waterproof so they won’t become warped.

Basic rules of table tennis

The object of the game is to be the first player or pair to score 11 points. If players or pairs have scored 10 points, the game is won by the first player or pair who gains a two-point lead.

In singles the white line in the center of the table is ignored, whereas in doubles a server must serve diagonally from right to left. The game begins by a server making a good serve, followed by a receiver making a good return. Server and receiver alternate, continuing to make good returns.

What’s considered a good ping pong serve and return

A good service in singles is a ball that first touches the server’s own court and then passes directly over the net and then touches the receiver’s court. In doubles a ball has to first touch the server’s right half-court or center line. It then passes over the net, touching the receiver’s right half court or center line. If a player fails to hit a ball he loses a point. A good return involves a ball that after it’s been served or returned, strikes so it passes over the net, touching the opponent’s court. This can be done either directly or after the net is touched.

Playing doubles

In doubles the server must serve the ball diagonally form right to left. After the opponent returns the ball, the server’s partner makes a good return. This is followed by the receiver’s partner making a good return. Failure to return the ball results in the opposing player or team scoring two points.

How points are scored in ping pong

A ball is in play from the moment it leaves a server until a point is scored. This can occur under several conditions such as the ball touching the same court twice consecutively. Points are scored when a ball touches a player or clothing other than a racket. A ball touching any object except for the net scores a point for an opponent, besides striking a ball more than once consecutively.

Ping pong matches

A ping pong match is several games played in a row. A championship is when the most games out of an odd number of games are won, such as winning four out of seven games. Players or pairs can switch sides of the table between games of a match.

To improve players must invest hours of practice. Because it isn’t always easy to find someone to play a game, many tables have a playback mode. Besides practicing using the playback mode, it’s easy to just hit a ball against a wall for practice. Most of all ping pong is a game that’s should be measured more on personal improvement rather than just winning a game.

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