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Giantex 27″ Mini Foosball Table Review: Best Tabletop

Don’t have the space for a full foosball table? Then this tabletop option is one of the best on the market as despite its size, still offers fun and immersive gameplay.

Giantex 27″ Mini Foosball Table

Giantex 27″ Mini Foosball Table

This is a great option for those who love foosball but don’t have the space. You don’t always need a large surface to have a good time, and this model proves just that. So, if you want to make game night more interesting, then this table is a cute and convenient option that also brings along a competitive edge with it.

  • Brand: Giantex
  • Asin: B08HSF4KTR
  • Materials: Engineered wood, alloy steel, polypropylene & wood


If you need a quality tabletop foosball surface, this is arguably the best on the market. While assembly is tough, Giantex made sure to pay attention to every single detail. So, with this table, you get a similar playing experience but at a fraction of the size!


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • Durable for its size
  • Detailed player designs
  • Comes with scoreboards and balls


  • Not a full-sized table
  • Assembly can be tough
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Can’t find the space to put a foosball table?

Then with this option, you can convert your dining table or any other table in the house into a foosball table. While it’s much smaller than a full-sized table, this is no toy, so if you want a legitimate foosball experience without clearing out an entire room, this could be just what you need.


There are many cool features with this table. For starters, all the players have detailed designs, which you won’t be able to find with other tabletop options. On top of that, you have a smooth playing surface, ergonomic handles, and even scoreboards so you can keep track of who’s winning every game.


For its size, this is a pretty durable option. Most tabletop foosball models on the market today are really flimsy and are closer to toys than real foosball tables. However, this option is the opposite. While this table could potentially break if dropped or if misused, if you plan on using the table the way it was intended, you can expect it to last you a long time.

Ease of use

This is the one area where the tabletop option did not excel. Since Giantex put so much attention into the details of this table, it comes with a lot of different components. And while the instructions explain pretty clearly what to do with each of the parts, that doesn’t mean that putting everything together is easy.

So, if you order this table, make sure to be as patient as possible when it arrives. It may take some time to get everything assembled, but once it’s assembled, all you have to do is prop it up on your dining or living room table and start playing!

Value for money

This is a bit more expensive than other tabletop options. However, it still isn’t as costly as the other full-sized models on the market today. So, considering that this is arguably the best tabletop foosball table on the market today, it’s worth the higher price tag.

Final verdict

This is a great foosball table for anyone looking to play the game without worrying about clearing out an entire room or refurbishing the basement. All the space you need to play this game is on your dining table, instantly turning any room into a game room!

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