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GoSports Shuffleboard Table Top Review: Best Table Top

Don’t have the space for a shuffleboard table? This option solves that since it can convert just about any table in your house into a fun tabletop game for the whole family!

GoSports Shuffleboard Table Top

GoSports Shuffleboard Table Top

The size is arguably the most noticeable aspect of this model. Since it’s so small, you can play a fun and casual game with friends without having to worry about space. On top of that, it also comes with a curling playing surface so you and your friends can team up to play a different game together.

  • Brand: GoSports
  • Product number: SHFL-01
  • Material: Wood


The GoSports Shuffleboard and Curling Tabletop board take all the fun of a real shuffleboard game at less than half the size! Instead of having to clear out a whole room or floor just to install the table, you can easily store this in the closet and take it out only when needed. It easily sets up on top of just about any table, though the small size may not provide a realistic enough experience for most people.


  • Easy to set up
  • Saves on space
  • Comes with a shuffleboard and curling playing surface
  • Comes with roller pucks to simulate the actual shuffleboard experience
  • Great for game nights and parties with friends


  • Doesn’t provide the real shuffleboard experience
  • Relatively expensive for its size
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Don’t have enough space for a full shuffleboard table?

Then this is the right model for you. This shuffleboard tabletop can be placed on top of just about any table and turn into a competitive playing surface for you and your friends. On top of that, it even comes with an additional playing surface so you can play a mini game of curling in the comfort of your own house!


For its size, this table comes with a fair amount of features. Now, you don’t get a solid piece of wood with a poly-coating with this model. So, regular shuffleboard pucks won’t slide across the surface like on other tables. Instead, you have to use the pucks that come with this table that is equipped with small rollers underneath to simulate how pucks slide on coated surfaces. You can use the pucks for both shuffleboard and curling, which means you won’t have to buy additional pucks for different games.

Now, let’s get to the surface. The board comes with two surfaces that are around 45’’ and 13’’ wide. This is far from what you’ll need for a full-size tabletop shuffleboard game but is enough to provide casual fun during parties and get-togethers. With that said, the two different playing surfaces make for a whole lot of variety and can provide both you and the family with hours upon hours of fun!


Since these are smaller tabletop options, they are far from as durable as the full-size tables. However, for its size, it’s fairly durable. With this table, you don’t have to worry about the damage that comes from regular bumps and dings, and since it’s a tabletop game, you won’t even have to worry about accidentally bumping the table while playing.

With that said, this tabletop is susceptible to drops. Whenever you transfer this tabletop from place to place, make sure you have a good grip on it. This is because when you drop it, there’s a high chance it will dent or chip in certain places, so make sure to take proper care of this model if you choose it for game night.

Ease of use

This is one of the easiest tabletop games to set up. You don’t have to do much to set this up and all you really have to do is place it on top of your dining table and start playing. All you need is a table that is larger than the tabletop game, and you’ll have a surface ready for some action. However, make sure that the table is flat, sturdy, and on an even surface for the best playing experience.

Value for money

In terms of value for the money, this tabletop offers a mixed bag. Compared to full-size tables, this is definitely more affordable. Since most full-size shuffleboard tables can cost customers as much as $2,000, this is a much cheaper option. However, for the size, there are some customers that complained that the price is pretty steep.

While it may be pricier than other tabletop games, it does come with the features to justify the price. So, while you could potentially save some money by getting other tabletop options on the market, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper option that can match this GoSports tabletop game in terms of quality and functionality.

Final verdict

If you’re looking for a casual tabletop game to take out during game night and parties, this is a cool model. All you have to do is place this on top of the table, then you and your friends can start playing either tabletop shuffleboard or tabletop curling that can result in hours upon hours of fun!

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