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HEAD Summit Table Tennis Table Review: Best for Basement

Tired of the old and rotting table in your basement? Then this option from Head Summit might just be the replacement you need with quality construction and all the features you need for a fun and casual game of ping pong.

HEAD Summit Table Tennis Table

HEAD Summit Table Tennis Table

One of the unique features of this table is the ball holder. When playing basement or garage ping pong, there’s a high chance the balls will be flying everywhere and getting lost. However, with the conveniently placed holder, you don’t have to pause the game and interrupt your momentum just because a ball flew under the shelf.

  • Brand: HEAD
  • Asin: B094Z3R9P9
  • Material: Plastic


The only real flaw and complaint we found with this model is the weight. It’s heavy and hard to bring down to the basement or garage. However, aside from that, this table hits all the marks. It’s equipped with a great tabletop, has a sturdy design, and even has a bunch of additional features to make gameplay more fun and immersive!


  • Ideal for basements and game rooms
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Regulation size for the complete ping pong experience
  • Easy to store and set up
  • Easily folds up for single-player practice


  • Fairly heavy
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Are you sick of the old and run-down ping pong table in your basement?

Then this model might just be the upgrade you need. For starters, it comes equipped with a ball and paddle holder to make for smoother gameplay. On top of that, it easily folds up for storage so you can put it in a corner so it won’t take up space when not in use and also protect it from damage. Additionally, if you don’t have anyone to play with, you can also fold this model up so that you can practice and play without anyone else around, slowly perfecting your stroke.


With this model, you get about all the features you need for a proper game of basement ping pong. Aside from the ball holder, one of the things that stood out the most to use when researching this model is the 18mm tabletop. While it isn’t as thick as the competition-grade models on the market today, it is a bit thicker than the other tablets designed for home use, giving you a much better and consistent bounce.

Additionally, this table has a great tabletop material that adds to the consistent bounce. You can even fold this table up so that you can utilize playback mode where the table will return the balls you serve to it, allowing you to practice your stroke, giving you an edge over your friends. It also comes with a tournament net, so if you have paddles and balls at home, you have just about everything you need to start playing!


This model is built to last. Since it’s a regulation-size table, it does have some of the build qualities you’d expect from tournament-grade models. This table can last you a long while with proper care and maintenance. However, keep in mind that this is an indoor-only table. So, if you keep it outside or in a humid place, you can expect the wood to start warping and some other issues to arise.

Ease of use

Since this is a table designed for home use, it’s very easy to set up and store. It comes with a convenient clamp on the net, so you don’t even have to screw anything together to start playing. When you take it out for a game, all you have to do is connect the two halves then clamp on the net. Then to store it after use, simply fold it up, then the wheels will allow you to simply roll it to the best storage space available.

Value for money

One of the main downsides to this table is the price. It is generally more expensive than a lot of the models designed for home use. In fact, it’s closer in price to the tournament and professional-grade ping pong tables than home options. With that said, it does offer enough features to justify the price. And while it may not be a great table for people on a budget, it does offer a lot of value, considering all the features and the great build quality of the table.

Final verdict

If you’re looking to play a couple of games with your friends in the basement, this is a great option. Granted, it will require an investment since it’s one of the more expensive models on the market and it’s heavy, so you will need to call a few friends to help you bring it down to the basement. However, this is a table with a bunch of great features and is built to last, and can offer hours upon hours of fun for many years to come!

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