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How to Play Pool for Beginners

If this is the first time you are practicing pool then it can indeed be frustrating. You should know how to tackle the balls well.

If this is the first time you are practicing pool then it can indeed be frustrating. You should know how to tackle the balls well. Hit one and the next will be in the pocket. This way the game goes and so you have to practice the art better.

  1. You must arrange for a cue that comes with comfortable weight. If the cue is too heavy you won’t be able to manage it fine. It is also not right for the cue to be too light as well. In this case you won’t be having a firm grip over the cue. Thus, you should not go for a cue which is too cheap nor would you make use of the instrument in the most inconsiderate fashion.
  2. Before taking any shot you have to chalk the cue every time. You may find the Blue cube shaped chalk and try to paint the top portion of the cue well.
  3. You must maintain the form of the cue. In case you are right handed you have to hold the thick end of the cue with firm hands. Hold it in a way so that the cue is rightly balanced. There are people who usually hold the front end of the cue for apposite support. There is a specific strategy in holding the cue. You can maintain it later. For the beginning just hold the cue whichever way you feel comfortable.
  4. You must make sure to get the proper stance. You must stand in a way so that your left foot is in front and your right foot stands back. This gives your body a twisted posture. Make sure not to stand too close to the table. The way you are standing should not interfere with the movement of the cue.
  5. You must make sure to practice your strokes well. There is no need for you to hit the ball in the first instance. You must practice with the cue well and concentrate less on the balls.
  6. You must have a proper focus on the hit. When you are a beginner you should not waste time by making the ball your target. As you practice the strokes you will learn how to manage the balls well. Do not try to do anything extra. This can have an adverse effect on the stroke.
  7. You can make an imagination that there is a ring around the center height of the balls. You must consider a point where the cue and the ball meet. In this way you must practice your target best. The position of the point will help you in figuring out the apposite angles when you are trying to sink the balls well.

Be confident in your moves. You should know that this game is more of skill and there is less involvement of psychology. You may start well in the game and end by messing things up. You have to be accurate – this is the demand of the game and for this you need practice.

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