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IgnatGames Professional DartBoard Set Review: Best Set

Don’t have the equipment for a game of darts? Then this set from Ignat Games is just what you need as it comes with all the accessories and extras you need for hours of fun and competitive darts games.

IgnatGames Professional DartBoard Set

IgnatGames Professional DartBoard Set

The one thing that sets this model apart from the rest is that it's a full set. You won’t need to buy any additional accessories since it comes with everything you need. On top of that, you can even bring the darts around with you with the beautiful vegan leather pouch it comes with.

  • Brand: IgnatGames
  • Asin: B09NRQWCJF
  • Material: Sisal


This set comes with everything you need to get into darts. On top of a high-quality board for practice, it also comes with a set of decent darts, measuring tape, and even a darts wallet so you can bring the accessories around with you if you play the game at a different location. With that said, it doesn’t come with the best darts, which is easily forgivable at this price point.


  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Great price for a darts set
  • Includes a leather pouch to carry darts with you
  • Vibrant inks
  • Self-healing board


  • Round wires are prone to bounce-outs
  • The darts could be better
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Can’t find a quality dartboard set at a decent price?

Then this option might solve your problem. This is a high-quality self healing bristle board that will last you a long time. And along with the dartboard, you also get a neat set of accessories that allow you to play a standard game of darts no matter the location!


Before we move on to the set let’s start with the dartboard. This model comes with a great bristle dartboard. This material is ideal for a game of darts since they are self healing and allow the darts to easily pierce through the board. On top of that, it’s also fairly thick and dense, so you can expect it to last a long time.

Aside from that, this model also comes with a bunch of great accesories. To start, it comes with a set of steel-point darts that easily pierce through the material. While it isn’t they aren’t the best-made darts on the market, they work fine for casual gaming.

On top of that, this model also comes with measuring tape and a vegan leather pouch to carry the darts. That way, your games will always be fair and standard, no matter the location.


In terms of durability, this model does a fair job for the price. Again, the board is made of sisal which is why it can last you a long time. So, even if you plan to play regular games of darts with friends, family, or if you choose to go solo, you won’t have to worry about durability.

With that said, the darts themselves aren’t the strongest on the market. This is the only flaw we found in terms of durability, and that’s easily forgivable considering how affordable this dartboard is.

Ease of use

In terms of installation, this dartboard is a great pick. It even comes with all the mounting hardware you need. So, you don’t need to buy any additional hardware just to get the dartboard up.

Another feature of the board is the rotating number ring. While it’s a small detail, it not only allows you to let the dartboard last longer, it’s also very easy to rotate. So, with this set, you won’t have to worry too much about struggling to use the features.

Value for money

Another great feature of this model is the price point. Unlike other models on the market, you don’t have to shell out large sums of money just to get a complete darts set. This board is for sale for under $100, and the only thing that could make the set better is if it came with a cabinet.

So, if you want a great fusion of quality and affordability, this is one of the best picks on the market.

Final verdict

A dartboard isn’t the only piece of equipment you need to start playing. On top of that, you also need a set of darts and maybe measuring tape to make sure that everyone is playing fair and standing the proper distance away from the board. And with this set, you get all of that at a really competitive price, which is why it’s one of the more popular models today.

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