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JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table Review: Best Overall

Tired of amateur ping pong? This professional table is designed for serious ping pong players and hobbyists looking to play serious ping pong games.

JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table

This is our favorite pick on the market today. This table brings all the features you’d need for a proper ping pong game to your home. Gone are the days of heading to your local rec center just to play a table tennis game on a proper table. While it is more affordable than other models out there, it has a professional-grade 15mm surface, assembles in less than 10 minutes, and even comes with a standard-size net to allow you to start playing right away.

  • Brand: JOOLA
  • Asin: B08FDCKH74
  • Materials: Engineered wood, wood & alloy steel


The JOOLA Indoor Ping Pong table brings professional features to your home ping pong games. It’s a relatively affordable model, but it comes with a great surface for proper bounce, folds in half for storage and single-player practice, and even has wheels for easy transportation. With that said, keep in mind that this is an indoor table and won’t last too long if you use it outdoors.


  • Standard sized table for serious players
  • Folds in half for single-player practice
  • Easy assembly and set up
  • Competition-grade surface for optimal bounce
  • Easy storage and transportation


  • Not designed for outdoor use
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Most affordable ping pong tables out there make for fun games, but they do lack precision and high-quality materials of the tables you might find at a sports club or rec center. This is a ping pong table designed to give you the full experience at home. It isn’t as expensive as the models designed for serious athletes. However, it comes with many of the same features such as a professional-grade tabletop, standard dimensions, a 72’’ net set, and even folds in half for easier storage.


One of the primary features that make this table great for home use is that it folds. When you buy a standard-size ping pong table, one of the biggest issues is storage. But with this model, you can fold up each half, allowing you to squeeze this into a storage room or an inconspicuous corner of the garage. On top of that, you can choose to fold up just one side, which you can use to bounce the ball off when practicing your strokes

Another cool feature of this table is the surface itself. The JOOLA Indoor Table comes equipped with a 15mm MDF surface. This is the same surface you’ll find on competition-grade tables and it allows the ball to have a proper bounce that makes for a more immersive game.

The table is designed for indoor use, and the design and materials make it one of the best picks on the market today.


If you use this table for its intended purpose, which is indoor ping pong, it will last you a very long time. It has steel legs that are built to last and also provide an even and flat playing surface. Additionally, the MDF board is can withstand a lot of force, which is why investing in this model gives you a ping pong table that can last years on end in your game room.

However, keep in mind that this is an indoor table. So, while it can easily withstand just about anything you throw at it indoors, if you take this table outside the story changes significantly. Since the board isn’t weatherproof, it’s very susceptible to water and elemental damage. Additionally, the steel legs may also rust if left outside for a long time, so if you choose this model, make sure to only use it for your indoor games.

Ease of use

If you’re a casual player or hobbyist, you’ll find this table very easy to use. While it’s durable and comes with some of the same features you’ll find on professional ping pong tables, the setup is far from complicated. You can set this table up in a matter of minutes since all you have to do is connect the two halves and attach the net. Even if you’re practicing along, folding the other half to serve as a wall is incredibly easy, making this a great choice for casual and serious players alike.

Value for money

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the more affordable options available, especially compared to the other standard-size ping pong tables on the market. You can get this model for under $300, however, keep in mind that there are more robust versions of this table with thicker surfaces for an even better bounce. But considering the quality of the table beats out most in its price range, we found that the JOOLA Indoor Ping Pong table offers some of the best value for the money on the market today.

Final verdict

While the table has some flaws and can’t be used for outdoor games, this is still our favorite option on the market. This is because it’s relatively affordable while equipped with everything you need from a proper ping pong table such as an MDF surface, folding halves for storage, and even wheels for easier transportation.

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