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MD Sports Billiard Pool Table Review: Best Under $2000

Done with sub-par billiards tables? Then if you want to invest in a good model to last a long time, this is the table for you that comes with tons of premium features that are well worth the price.

MD Sports Billiard Pool Table

MD Sports Billiard Pool Table

This is a true premium billiards table. It features a high-quality MDF board, great covering, and measures 7.5-feet in length. This is still smaller than tournament-sized tables, so you can still save some space, while still immersing yourself in a fun game of billiards!

  • Brand: MD Sports
  • Asin: B07GSFQ998
  • Materials: Engineered wood, wood & felt


If you need a high-quality table and you’re ready to invest in one, this is a great model for you. While it offers a bunch of premium features, it’s available for below $2,000 which makes it relatively affordable compared to other models of the same quality. With that said, it is still more expensive than some of the more other options on the market. It comes with all the accessories you need, and unlike other options on the market, the accessories are pretty high-quality. So, while it may cost you some money, rest assured that you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this table.


  • Offers great premium features for under $2,000
  • The 7.5-foot length provides realistic gameplay
  • Durable and heavy construction
  • Comes with all the accessories
  • Ideal for game rooms and basements


  • Doesn’t offer that much bounce
  • Still relatively expensive
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Are you tired of having to replace your cheap billiards table?

Then it might be time to look in a higher price range. While this table is more expensive than some other home options out there, it provides a much better playing experience compared to some of the other flimsy models available today. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your game room and invest in a high-quality option, this could be just the right one for you.


This table comes with just about all the features you’ll need from a quality pool table. It has a thick MDF board and high-quality felt covering, and even bumper guards for a more realistic experience. Granted, people report that the bumpers don’t provide as much bounce as they’d want, but that’s a fairly small issue.

On top of that, it comes with all the accessories you’ll need to start playing. And unlike other options on the market today, all the accessories are top quality, so you won’t need to go replacing them unless you have very specific preferences when it comes to the cue stick.


Since this is a pretty expensive model, you’re also paying for durability. This is a heavy model, so you won’t have to deal with the table moving or toppling over with bumps and sudden movements. And since it comes with a billiard brush, you can clean the table after use to keep it in the best condition possible.

Ease of use

This is the one area where the table didn’t perform well. And this is large because it’s almost a full-sized table. While the instructions are fairly easy to follow, you may need some help assembling this table since it’s so heavy. Additionally, since this isn’t a portable table, we highly suggest setting it up right in the same playing area for an easier setup.

Value for money

While it’s expensive, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this model. In fact, considering the features, it was a slight surprise that this model wasn’t more expensive than it is. For its price, it’s definitely a bargain. However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly table, this model may be considered a bit too expensive for a home billiards table.

Final verdict

This table isn’t for everyone, especially those hunting for a simple billiards table on a budget. However, if you’re an enthusiast looking for a table that can give you the same gameplay as any table in a billiards hall and rec center, it’s definitely worth the investment.

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