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MSP Arcade1Up MS. Pac-Man Arcade Machine Review: Best Tabletop

Looking for simple and exciting fun? Then this tabletop Ms. Pac-Man game could be just what you need at home!

MSP Arcade1Up MS. Pac-Man Arcade Machine

MSP Arcade1Up MS. Pac-Man Arcade Machine

For most people, playing the Pac-Man arcade game usually means loading it up on a console or buying a full-sized arcade machine for their homes. This model is the perfect middle ground for people who want the authentic Ms. Pac-Man experience without taking up a whole corner of the room. With this machine, all you need is a proper tabletop to start playing. It arrives fully assembled, so all you really have to do is plug it in, place it on a table, and get to the game!

  • Brand: MSP
  • Asin: B08KRXDKBR
  • Item dimensions: 19.5 x 13 x 12 inches


This Ms. Pac-Man replica machine is great for anyone looking to play the classic game without taking up too much space. This is a tabletop machine, so it’s not exactly designed to take up a corner of the game room. Instead, it’s designed for simple fun or to be put up for display on a collector’s shelf. With that said, this is a very fast and responsive machine. The game runs very smoothly, and the 8’’ color LCD screen does the game a lot of justice. However, one common customer complaint was the lack of a pause button. This can make it very hard to try and top your high score because if your phone rings or you have to do something in the middle of playing, you’re left with no real choice but to abandon the game. While this is a forgivable mistake, it could have easily been solved by a simple pause button, which isn’t that hard or expensive to install.


  • Small and compact
  • Comes with the classic Ms. Pac-Man game
  • 8’’ color LCD screen
  • Responsive and high-quality joysticks
  • Authentic Ms. Pac-Man cabinet art


  • Only good for tabletop playing
  • No pause button
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Tired of your normal video games and you’re looking for a simple escape from the regular stress of the day?

Then this Ms. Pac-Man machine could be just the right machine for you. It’s a tabletop option, so it won’t take up that much space while still providing you with the fun and unique Ms. Pac-Man experience. With its high-quality joystick, buttons, and a great 8’’ color LCD screen, get ready to immerse yourself in hours of gameplay in the comfort of your own home!


Despite its size, this model actually comes with a fair amount of cool features. For starters, it has proper joysticks and controllers. While it’s a single-player-only game, you still get the same sensation when moving Ms. Pac-Man around and avoiding all the ghosts.

Additionally, it comes with an 8’’ color LCD screen. Granted, LCD screens distort the images ever so slightly, but they are still a cost-efficient and effective way of giving people the legitimate Ms. Pac-Man playing experience.

Another cool feature of this machine is the artwork. Even though this is a small and compact option, the cabinet itself is covered with great Ms. Pac-Man artwork that is reminiscent of 80s arcades.

And if it weren’t for the lack of a pause button, this machine would have gotten a 10/10 score when it came to the features.


For its size, this is a pretty durable machine. The joysticks surprisingly don’t feel flimsy and the case seems strong enough to last. However, again since it’s a small machine, this is at risk of dropping, especially if you carry it around from place to place. So, to avoid breaking the machine, we recommend only moving it around when needed and store it in a safe and dry location.

Ease of use

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient experience, this machine truly does the job. Since it’s so compact, it can be shipped in one piece, so assembly isn’t required. On top of that, once you plug in the game, you can start playing without taking any extra steps.

Value for money

This arcade machine is fully functional and available for under $300. This makes it a great bargain and a good option for anyone looking for an arcade machine on a budget. However, you still have to keep in mind that the machine is very small and only designed for tabletop playing, which is a sacrifice you have to make for getting this great option at an affordable price.

Final verdict

While this game comes with its flaws such as the lack of a pause button and small size, it still offers a great bang for your buck. With this option, you still get to immerse yourself in the classic arcade experience with sounds and colored images, but you won’t have to arrange a whole room around the large and bulky arcade machine.

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