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My Game Room, Perhaps Yours!

For some people gaming isn't fun at all, for others it's everything! So when you already game that much you'll want to have a game room, right?

For some people gaming isn’t fun at all, for others it’s everything! So when you already game that much you’ll want to have a game room, right? At least most of the people want it. As for me, I combined my gaming room with my work room. So whenever I need some time off to relax. I turn my head to the right and look at my nice TV with digital decoder. Gaming computer, beautiful xbox360 elite and for some old school fun my GameCube, also I have my piano to play a tune for some fun or if someone is here I could entertain with a nice tune. Though my gameroom is small, it’s big enough for me. Perhaps this will help you create your own small gaming room!

What could be in your small gaming room? 

The computer

Though my computer may not give the wow effect and it’s case may not be that spectacular, it still is full of great stuff!

The first thing is what I think to be the most important part of the computer, the Graphics Card. I have a Nvidia Geforce GTS 250
which I am very proud of. Up until now I can play all games on high without any problem. One game I like to play on high is Modern Warfare 2. Also I have never had problems with this card, with other cards I sometimes had overheat problems.

Second is the modem which also is very important for an online gamer, right? You don’t want to be lagging to death! My modem is the eminent dSPEED Wireless ADSL2/2+ EM4214. It has extensive firewall and wireless security techniques. It may not be the most high-tech modem anymore, but I’m happy with it and I never have lag.

Next is the screen, a Neovo E-19. I have had this screen for about 4years now and it is great. This is a 19inch screen and has excellent color and image quality and protective glass on front is a huge plus. Build in speakers are nicely integrated, you can’t even tell they are there.

Then there are the speakers which are awesome if I may say so. I am talking about the Logitech Z-3e. This set has 2speakers each 8.5 watt and 1 subwoofer 23 watt, max output is 80 watt. For it’s price this is an awesome speaker set, though I am planning on buying the Logitech Z-2300 because it has more much power and many other plusses.

Next up is my keyboard, Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 710 Laser
it’s simple with some nice features like mute button on it and on the side you have a music set with which you can start media player and just go through your music just using your keyboard, also has shuffle mode on it. Not to forget it’s wireless and comes with a wireless mouse.

Finally! The headset.. yeaaah about that. At the moment I have a crap Logitech headset for 10 euro’s or something (no offense to Logitech!), but I am looking for a new headset, one which is good. I heard the Astro A40 was a great buy, but the price is a bit high though. So if anyone has some advice on which headset I should buy, I would be happy to hear it! pictura 1

The TV

Now it’s time for my precious TV! I love it from the day I got it. It’s the Philips Cineos 32PFL9632D/10 100Hz LCD TV. I have it for 1 year now and no problems so far. The sound isn’t the best there is but well I almost recommend everyone to just buy an audio installation with their TV. Unfortunately I don’t have the space for one, but I’ll do with the standards. The image quality is great. Though buying a digital decoder with it is a nice option. I have the Humax ihdr-5050c. It has the great option to also record movies, which is great if you don’t have time to watch movies during the week or at late hours (or when you’re gaming). It also has ambilight and a 1080p input. This TV also is a dream for gaming. You can choose game settings in the menu or modify your settings for gaming. I can’t complain.

The Xbox 360 Elite

Well without a console your gaming room isn’t complete! I chose to buy the xbox360 because most off my friends had one, but also because it has great games like halo3 and not to forget a great community. Though paying for online sucks, it also keeps most of those little children away from playing online, which makes it harder and more fun. Not to forget it keeps those annoying scream kids away.

The gamecube

Just for some old school fun! I have loads of games for it and they always stay fun. Especially Super Smash Bros Melee!

Complete the gameroom 

Make it perfect!

Some things to complete the room:

  • Gaming chair: Having a gaming chair is relaxed and may help you perform better. A nice gaming chair is Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair with Wireless Audio. I don’t have it yet, but a friend does and it sits great!
  • Nice mascotte: This is your motivator, a fan who’s always near. Yes your mascotte! Your mascotte can be anything, perhaps a Mario doll for some or a hamburger man like I have.
  • Fridge/energy drink!: For those gamers who go on all night, a fridge with lots of energy drinks
  • A good assortment of games!: How are you going to game without games!?
  • Sofa: If you have room for it, something I don’t have. Then a sofa would be nice to lie on or for your friends when they come game.
  • Decoration: When you commit your room to only gaming, it will need some gaming decoration. You know, posters and stuff.

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