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Nibiru Sport Ping Pong Paddles Review: Best for Game Room

Tired of constantly losing to your friends when playing game room ping pong? Buy this Nibiru Sport Ping Pong Paddle Set, and you can say goodbye to losing forever.

Nibiru Sport Ping Pong Paddles

Nibiru Sport Ping Pong Paddles

This is a recreational paddle set best suited for game room play. It offers a fun and fast gaming experience, with the black and red colors on the paddles giving you the feel of an official tournament paddle.

  • Brand: Nibiru Sport
  • Asin: B075D6TK2Z
  • Material: Wood


Nibiru has used very innovative technology on this paddle set. For starters, the paddles are made with 5-ply premium wood. And although wood is the primary material, the paddles feel light on the hand, each weighing about 2lbs (0.9 kgs). The paddles are also sweat-resistant, which keeps your hand from slipping or getting dirty during play. These features make this set safe for use by both children and adults. The only disadvantage is that the paddles can be very sticky, making it difficult to store the paddles together. If you find that your paddles are sticky, washing them with soap and water ought to solve the issue.


  • Sweat-resistant
  • 5-ply premium wood
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for both children and adults


  • The paddles can be extremely sticky
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

With the current worldwide pandemic forcing people to remain indoors, many people are engaging in indoor fun and games to destress. And what better way to do that than with a game of ping pong?

So if ping pong is part of your game room play, then it goes without saying that you should also invest in a high-quality ping pong paddle set.

This Nibiru Paddle Set of 4 guarantees to improve your game and give you an edge over your friends and family in that game room. Here is what the set offers:


One thing I love about this set is that it comes with four paddles with red and black colors, which are the standard tournament colors. They are purely made of wood, which enhances the spin and control of the ball.

The sponge and inverted rubber on the surface is 1.5mm thick. This thickness is ideal for beginners or recreational play as it gives you more control over the tennis ball.

There are eight tennis balls in the set, four white and four orange. They all have a 3-star rating, the highest rating for tennis balls, and are made of 40mm thick ABS material. They are also dent-free and very bouncy.


The material used on the paddles in this set is wood, 5-ply premium wood to be precise. These five layers of wood, and the rubber on the surface, are glued together using premium adhesive, preventing peeling or rubbing off. The crack-resistant wood also helps prevent splinters on the handle.

Ease of use

I liked how the paddles provided maximum comfort. The flared and sweat-resistant handles enabled me to maintain a firm grip throughout the game.

Additionally, the rubber on the rackets is tacky. Tacky rubber allows more grip on the ball during play, resulting in higher speeds.

Finally, the set also features a convenient portable bag for easy transportation and storage of the balls and rackets. You can take the game anywhere with you.

Value for money

This paddle set offers more than others in the same category, including a decent price point. The accessories include four table tennis rackets, eight 3-star balls, and a storage bag. Overall, I found it to be a high-grade paddle set worth putting your money in.

Final verdict

If you are looking for the perfect recreational ping pong set that will also leave your friends and family impressed with your skills, then you should get yourself this Nibiru Ping Pong Set of 4.

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