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Pinball Coil

Pinball coils are designed to help everything from flippers to bumpers operate properly.

Pinball coils are designed to help everything from flippers to bumpers operate properly. Coils are used to conduct electricity to the part in question from the power supply, so a cracked or broken coil can lead to a malfunction. In most cases, you’ll want to replace your coils altogether. In some instances, however, you can actually repair a damaged coil.

Determining whether to fix or buy anew involves several factors. One, how mechanically inclined are you? If changing a light bulb gives you the cold sweats, it may be best to replace the coil (or even have a pinball repair company do it for you). If you’re pretty handy with circuits and wires and the like, a little bit of glue or a soldering gun may be all you need to get your machine back to tip-top form.

More on pinball coils

Constant heat and the vibration of the pinball machine can speed along the breakdown of your pinball coils. Over time, this heat can cause the shelf (to which the coils lugs are affixed) to dry out and crack. This is one of the most common ailments that pinball machines suffer. Fortunately, it’s also one of the least expensive to fix.

Most coils run about 10 bucks, though it’s fairly common to see some in the 15-dollar range. Similarly, you’ll find a few that hover around five dollars. Either way, in the grand scheme of pinball machine repair, a broken coil is a very minor problem. Nevertheless, it is not one that will remedy itself, which means having a pinball parts supplier at the ready is a wise idea.

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