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Quarter Arcades Bubble Bobble Arcade Machine Review: Best for Kids

Looking to introduce your kids to arcade games? With this option, enjoy hours of the classic Bubble Bobble game with the family at a quarter of the size!

Quarter Arcades Bubble Bobble Arcade Machine

Quarter Arcades Bubble Bobble Arcade Machine

A lot of different arcade machines take up space. In fact, they take up so much space that a lot of people have to forgo their dream of putting up a mini arcade in their basement. But with this model, space isn’t an issue and you can easily place it on a shelf, in a closet, or under the table when not in use! Since it’s 1/4th size, it doesn’t take up the same space as traditional arcade machines while still offering the fun of the classic Bubble Bobble game.

  • Brand: Quarter Arcades
  • Product number: NS2079
  • Number of players: 2


The Quarter Arcades Official Bubble Bobble game is a blast from the past. It’s a great option for collectors looking to build a shelf of quarter-scale arcade games or for parents looking to introduce their kids to the joys of the classic Bubble Bobble game. Despite its compact size, this is a full-on arcade machine. It has a screen, joysticks for single and multi-player, and even accurate artwork on the sides that bring you back to the good old days. On top of that, the game plays very smoothly, so you won’t run into any gameplay troubles with this option. The one downside is that it might be too small for some people. Customers have complained that this isn’t exactly 1/4th scale and the machine is very small at around 18’’ high. So, make sure that you know just how small this model is before making the investment.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Loaded with the classic Bubble Bobble arcade game
  • A great replica with accurate artwork
  • Supports single and multi-player
  • Comes in a collector’s box


  • A very small machine
  • Not exactly ¼ size
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Looking to kick it old school with a game of Bubble Bobble?

Then this is probably the machine for you. This option from Quarter Arcades is designed for collectors and enthusiasts looking to reminisce the good old days. It’s a 1/4th size machine with premium joysticks, great art decorations, and the classic Bubble Bobble game, offering you hours upon hours of good fun!


In terms of features, this machine is pretty straightforward. As mentioned earlier, while this is a significantly smaller arcade machine, it is just as functional as any other full-size machine out there.

So, it has a functional Bubble Bobble game, which many customers claim works just fine and provides them with the same fun as when they went to the public arcade in the past. On top of that, it features real wood and metal details along with the classic Bubble Bobble design.

This machine also has fully functional joysticks that allow you to play both single and multi-player. And while it’s definitely on the smaller side, the screen is still large enough to play with two people.

However, keep in mind that the TFT screen on this machine is only 5’’. While this is enough to entertain friends and guests, this is far smaller than just about any screen you’ll find on full-sized arcade machines.


We didn’t expect much when it came to the durability of this machine since it is very small. But despite its size, it held up pretty well. The cabinet is made of real wood with some metal details here and there.

This gives the machine a lot of structure and sturdiness, which is very surprising from a 1/4th sized model. However, since it is small, this machine is susceptible to drops.

So, while this model can hold its own, make sure to maintain and care for it properly as a drop will likely damage the machine.

Ease of use

There is no assembly or setup required with this machine. Since it’s very small, it can ship in one piece. So, the second it arrives at your doorstep, it’s ready to be displayed on a shelf or even for actual playing.

However, since the screen and joysticks are small, keep in mind that it might be hard to focus on the character and the game, which is a sacrifice you have to make when getting this quarter-sized option.

Value for money

With a price tag below $200, this is definitely one of the cheaper options on the market today. And while it offers a fair amount of value to collectors and enthusiasts, the lower price does come with its own set of drawbacks.

Keep in mind that this is a very small arcade machine and some customers even complained that it’s smaller than ¼ size. So, if you’re looking for a full arcade machine for game rooms, this may not be the option for you.

But if you’re a collector looking for a cute and compact piece of gaming history, this machine offers a lot of value for its price.

Final verdict

This machine definitely has its drawbacks. Since it’s very small, it can only support a 5’’ TFT screen, which can make it hard for people to play. On top of that, some customers have said that it is way too small to be a 1/4th replica.

With that said, this compact and tiny machine still packs a punch. And if you want a cute display item that you can also play around with from time to time, this could be the right Bubble Bobble arcade machine for you!

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