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Should You Buy an Air Hockey Table?

Air hockey tables are a great way to keep the kids occupied when everybody's outdoors. Well, to be honest, adults are pretty enamored of the game as well.

Air hockey tables are a great way to keep the kids occupied when everybody’s outdoors. Well, to be honest, adults are pretty enamored of the game as well. A simple barbeque can turn into a heated tournament when an air hockey table is in the room.

Owning air hockey tables

Air hockey tables are durable enough to sit outside, as long as you have a good plastic cover to put over it. We use ours in our closed-in back patio. It’s a comfortable screened-in area. I was reluctant to get a table at first. It seemed like a lot of money, and I wasn’t sure if we had the space. Now, it’s like part of the family.

Think about it

Before buying air hockey tables or any large arcade-style game, think carefully. Sure, it’s fun to play air hockey at the mall or pizzeria, but how often do you really play it? Even if you play several games every time you go, that’s maybe 10 or 15 games a year. Now, think about the hundreds of dollars that a good air hockey table will cost.

Consider carefully if it is financially worth it to you and your family to invest in an air hockey table before you buy one. Then, if you decide you have the space, the money, and the desire for a table, look around for the best deal. Used tables in good condition can be bought for significant discounts. Since it is a big investment, don’t just jump at the first table you see.

Air hockey table is a classic return of those of us that young people in the seventies to mention the sudden violent and unfortunate cheers glowing in the stormy winter nights. At a bar and one in Smalltown, United States of America would be a step we extracted from the excavation and greeting each other town and preppie the same. Then we stroll to the box to try to predict the bar line up, visit the pins alone on a high degree of choice, and held, and then on our way to the air hockey table every evening to get our opinion.

Air hockey table and one of the first innovation in my home what about you? The innovation for your home when you were a child, or discover the joy of the air hockey table with a bet at a later time, when he left home or went on vacation, or even after you have children of your own? Air hockey table was the first experiment in which low-hanging light that dinged every time you at the moment of one player when it was stormy in the classroom, and sent puck flies typically exclude balanced participation midair?

The air hockey table-top blue primary, and no audio blade hydraulic air to get the highest votes as you leaned in to kill. Have you ever jam the shit out of your hand between the puck and played air hockey table object box shot your joints or to get a plastic hard disk and received, and continue to play anyway? Moreover, the time has come to the sides of the air hockey table control, you must find your favorite game in a certain way I swear to you, and this is one side of the table is the best (if you are sure it is in favor of your opponent on the other side). If you and your colleague is tired opponent or the game, you can withdraw half of the puck and go blast playing an extreme version of air hockey table Game?

The official said the site has made air hockey logo “is not a game in the world’s fastest table sport.” And air hockey fan, among thousands, and talk to the upgrades to the air hockey table made over the years, including a discussion of the new photon ” table Dynamo forward citizens, while another read, colleagues in the forum and the injustice of the addresses that criticism as “the best female hockey player air ‘, to determine who, regardless of gender, race, and other air best hockey player in the first world.

Wow, and air hockey table is a loooong way my days, when he was often occupied, but not for more than one round of the best players participate in the bar, where, at most, on a specific night ten or twelve children who had gathered slam segment of the usual pinball and air hockey pucks until weather cleared enough for the local hockey game to start.

An air hockey table is a table used for playing air hockey. It has an air system that allows the puck to float just above the table surface and glide with a near frictionless motion.

Fast facts

  1. Common uses: Playing air hockey
  2. Price range: $15-$3,000
  3. Three types: basic, mid-level, and arcade tables

Buying guide

When choosing an air hockey table there are two major factors to consider: Size of the table and the skill level of the players.

When choosing a table size keep in mind the area where it will be used. A cramped playing area is not a good idea when playing any game or sport. Take measurements of the area and be sure to leave enough space at either end for the players. The cost will also increase as the table size increases, so for tight budgets smaller is often better.

There are three types of tables: basic, mid-level, and arcade. Basic tables are great for kids; they are small, inexpensive and often easy to store. They are not as durable as the other table types and will not withstand intense air hockey games.

Mid-level can be as large as an arcade with lower than arcade quality or smaller with arcade level durability. These are quite durable. The tables are dent resistant and the table is strong.

Arcade is the top quality, very durable and large. Those that have the money and space for it often choose the arcade level table.

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