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STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket Review: Best for Intermediate Players

Are you tired of low-quality paddles and are looking for something that will match your intermediate level skills? Then invest in this Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle.

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

With its powerful performance, this Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle is a saving grace for intermediate players. Its performance ratings are speed: 99, spin: 100, and control: 80.

  • Brand: STIGA
  • Product number: T1290
  • Material: Wood


The Stiga Pro is a powerful paddle, with its speed being its greatest strength. The spin on this racket is also quite good. The blade on the paddle is lightweight. Made with extra light balsa wood, you can play for long periods without your arm getting too tired. Another amazing benefit of this paddle is that the rubber is replaceable, meaning you can get new ones once yours wears out. This saves you from having to replace the whole paddle. On the flip side, the paddle is heavier than its competitors and not so easy to control. This is why it is better suited for players with a bit more experience as opposed to beginners. The handle is also rough, but you can fix this by sanding.


  • Excellent speed
  • Good spin
  • Lightweight blade
  • Replaceable rubber


  • Heavier handle
  • The handle is rough
  • Not easy to control
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Stiga is a company based in Sweden that specializes in the manufacture of ping pong products.

The company is well-known and for a good reason. It has produced some of the best ping pong tables and paddles in the market today, and the Pro Carbon paddle is one of them.

Let’s look at how it stacks up against other paddles.


The paddle features a 7-ply light blade: 5 plies being made up of balsa wood while the other two constitute carbon.

The two carbon layers account for the increased speed and spin. The reason is that the carbon layers create a larger sweet spot than on other paddles. The ultra-light balsa wood center also boosts speed and reaction time.

Also contributing to the speed and power on this paddle is the S5 rubber, made using ACS Technology, and the 2mm thick sponge. ACS Technology increases the spring and bounce of the rubber, leading to higher speeds.

These features make the Pro Carbon an especially appealing paddle for offensive players.


The Pro Carbon is built to last. Constructed with carbon technology, it has two layers of carbon that increase its rigidity. It also has balsa wood, which though light, is strong and durable.

The fact that the rubber is replaceable also adds to the durability of the paddle.

Ease of use

This top-of-the-line paddle has an ergonomic design on its handle that helps keep your hold firm and minimizes hand cramping during play.

As mentioned earlier, this paddle is heavier than most because of a metal rod in the handle. It might, therefore, take a while to get used to it, making it more suitable for players with more playing experience.

There is a shock dispersion tube that takes in vibrations and transfers energy in shots during play. This works well for speed.

Value for money

With its advanced features, ranging from the S5 rubber made using ACS technology to a 7-ply blade made with balsa wood and carbon, this is a paddle every intermediate table tennis player should have.

To top it off, the paddle is ITTF approved, meaning you can use it in official matches, which makes it worth every single penny.

Final verdict

This product is recommended for players who are a bit advanced and like to play using an offensive approach. The low control rating and heavy handle means it’s not the best choice for novice and beginner players.

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