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Sunnydaze Delano Foosball Table Review: Best Style

Need a foosball table that plays good and looks good? Then this might be the ideal pick for you as this foosball table has some of the best designs on the market today!

Sunnydaze Delano Foosball Table

Sunnydaze Delano Foosball Table

This table features a unique blend of modern and classic design. The minimalist black and white players don’t look cheap and provide a great contrast when playing foosball. On top of that, it features classic wooden details around the frame and sturdy construction. So, if you’re looking to build a classy game room, this is the right option for you.

  • Brand: Sunnydaze
  • Product number: DQ-931
  • Materials: Engineered wood & wood


This is one of the best-designed tables out there. It features rustic wood details and a unique overall frame. On top of that, all the players are counterweighted, the rods are equipped with ball bearings, and it even has built-in leg levelers. We only had two problems with this table: it’s expensive and it’s hard to assemble. But rest assured this table is worth every penny spent buying it and every minute spent assembling it.


  • Great design with wooden details
  • Classic black and white counterweighted players
  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Comes with built-in leg levelers
  • Easy to spin rods with ball bearings


  • Assembly is hard
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Is your game room not looking how you want it to?

Then you might need to improve your equipment. And if you’re chasing aesthetic value, you get just that and then some with this table because on top of the great design that has modern and classic influences, it offers everything you need from a foosball table and can provide you with fun and exciting games for many years to come!


Let’s start with the design. Compared to all the other models on the market, this table stands out. While the design takes from classic and modern influences, Sunnydaze Delano put in a significant effort in executing the design that is unmatched by other foosball tables. On top of that, it features a full-sized playfield that offers a realistic foosball experience.

And if you’re worried about a sloped table, then this model has got you covered. Since it has built-in leg levelers, you can always make sure the surface is level and your gameplay is unaffected. Additionally, the table also has simple abacus scorers that look great and perfectly serve their purpose.


This is a very durable table. It features wooden and metal hardware. That way, it can withstand heavy use. And while it is stronger than a lot of other models on the market today, that doesn’t mean you can abuse the table.

One thing we enjoyed with this table was the design of the legs. Not only did it look great, but it actually makes the table even more stable. So, you don’t have to worry about this table tipping over or breaking when the games get intense.

A foosball table can only last as long as you take care of it. So, even if you get this very durable and sturdy table, make sure to maintain it properly so it lasts you a long time coming.

Ease of use

This is one area where the table failed. Since it has an intricate design, setting this up isn’t easy. In fact, even the company recommends calling over a friend when setting this up since assembly requires two people. If you have experience assembling furniture, this table isn’t too different. However, if you haven’t assembled something like this before, you can expect to run into some trouble along the way.

Value for money

While this model costs a fair amount, you definitely get your money’s worth. You get a realistic playing surface, high-quality rods, counterbalanced players, and a design that will instantly increase the room’s aesthetic value. So, while this may not be the ideal model for people on a budget, if you’re looking to invest in a stylish and functional foosball table, this is the one for you.

Final verdict

This table isn’t perfect. It can cost a lot of money and assembly can be pretty tough. However, aside from those two tiny flaws, this is one of the best tables on the market. Since it features high-quality materials, smooth rods, and a design that easily beats out many other on the market, this foosball table is definitely worth your attention.

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