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Cool Swimming Pool Games for Summer

Even the pool can become boring as the summer wears on. You can change it up by suggesting some fun pool games.

Even the pool can become boring as the summer wears on. You can change it up by suggesting some fun pool games. Better yet, join in for even more fun for both you and your children. Show them that kids are not the only ones who know how to play!

Seal race 
For this fun game, each player needs a beach ball. Using their nose only, the kids swim to the finish line, or have them all turn and come back to the starting line for more of a challenge.

Duck race 
A variation of this game for the shallow end involves rubber ducks. Each player has a rubber duck and must propel it forward without touching it. They can splash or push water to get it to move to the finish line.

Place a golf tee between your toes, jump in the water and then release the tee and swim away. The rest of the players wait for the tee to rise up so they can be the first to grab it. There is a lot of splashing and commotion during this game surprisingly, so be sure the players are all strong swimmers.


The player that is “It” stands on the outside of one end of the pool and the rest of the players stay on the opposite end. “It” shares the acronym of a famous movie and then shares a clue from the plot. “It” continues sharing clues until one of the players think they know the answer, jump in the pool and swim to the other side. The first one to touch the wall and yell the right answer becomes the next “It.”

Dog race 
Set up teams of swimmers, or play individually depending upon how many kids are available. The idea is to dog paddle across the pool carrying a dog toy or other small floating object between their neck and chin. If playing as a team, set it up as a relay where one player on the team has to transfer the object to the next player without using their hands before continuing back across.

Ice cube treasure hunt 
Set this up the night before, or simply have a collection prepared in the freezer for whenever you need a game to break up the monotony. Fill plastic yogurt containers with water and place an object inside. We use food dye to color the ice so that the object is slightly disguised. Objects can be any small toy or random object from the junk drawer. Pop the treasures in the pool and let the kids push them around until the object is revealed. Once they figure out what was hidden in the ice they can either have the small toy, or redeem it for a piece of candy. There is no real object to this game, but it is a lot of fun for young kids. Playing with ice especially nice on a hot day!

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