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Table Shuffleboard: The Gentleman’s Sport

Made of quality blond woods, the shuffleboard runs perhaps 15 or 20 feet long, and about 2 feet wide or so.

When I attended Drexel University from 1966 until 1973, the D.A.C., or Drexel Activities Center, had, among other things, an indoor Shuffleboard Table. What an astonishing, even captivating discovery to be found in an Institution of Higher Learning! Such instructional entertainment is more often found at finer establishments for imbibing the delicate Elixirs of Life.

Allow me to introduce to you – the board

Made of quality blond woods, the shuffleboard runs perhaps 15 or 20 feet long, and about 2 feet wide or so. All around the board will be found gutter areas in case the puck, being propelled by the shootist or after being contacted by another moving puck, has force enough to leave the table. Although the table is basically level, like a bowling alley, each table and location has its own unique characteristics. Thus a slight drift or combination of drifts might be played to good advantage, or be ignored according to one’s own lack of perception.

Proper preparation, and the rules of the table

The table is carefully and lightly “powdered” with “wax” to reduce friction and thus allowing the pucks, a disc similar to that used in ice hockey, but made of plastic and steel, to travel by sliding goodly distances with a minimal application of force. At the ends of the table, are scoring sections. The pucks of only one player or team are counted, if they are furthest along the board without any of the opponent’s pucks being further along, much the same as conventional outdoor shuffleboard. There are one-point, two-point, and three-point sections. In addition, however, if a puck hangs over the end, it is worth 4 points. Pucks over a corner are worth the most of all at 5 points. A game is typically played to twenty-one points, unless a tie forces a playoff.

Good form and technique

While there are a number of methods of propelling the puck, perhaps the most best overall method is to slide the hand along the edge of the board using the third and fourth fingers, while cupping the puck with the thumb and first two fingers. Part of the technique of those most skilled would include “tapping.” If you “slam” an opponent’s puck, you can take it off the table, making it useless, but if you tap their puck, perhaps you can have that puck tap yours into a better position, thus increasing your possible points.

The spirit of the game may be considered very similar to the art of “curling.” Skill rather than force, coupled with strategy and forethought reign supreme in such a game! This could be viewed a game of gentlemen.

How table shuffleboard represents an investment in your future

Subtlety, delicacy, and art of technique provide table shuffleboard enthusiasts the needed excuse to spend hours and hours, wisely, apart from attending their assigned classes. This improves the likelihood such ones will remain unemployed, thus giving them additional opportunity to spend time at places in which they can imbibe their favorite nectar, and be yet more involved in that gentleman’s game of Table Shuffleboard.

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