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Tips for Choosing the Right Table Tennis Shoes

Is it worth buying proper table tennis shoes? What do you need to look for in case you decide to buy one?

When a new table tennis player starts to get serious about it, one of the questions which come to his or her mind is whether to buy a special table tennis shoes. Is it worth buying proper table tennis shoes? What do you need to look for in case you decide to buy one? Below I will examine at this two questions.

Is it worth buying proper table tennis shoes?

Before buying, consider whether your current shoes are interfering with your play in any manner. If you are sliding and slipping around the court, your shoes feel heavy after a little time or your feet ache after playing, then you need a proper playing shoe.

However, even if you feel happy with your current shoes, you should consider having at least one ping pong shoe just for trying out how it feels to be in one. Through this, you will know what you are missing even if you decide to stick with your old shoe.

What to look for when buying table tennis shoes

There are a number of factors which you should consider when buying your table tennis shoe. You need to think through them then you can make your final decision.


Despite having all other good qualities, if a shoe does not make you feel comfortable, then it is not the right one for you. Make sure that your feet feels great in your shoes as you will be playing a lot of games in them.


Different people need different amount of support from their ping pong shoes. You may prefer a shoe which is cut low around your ankle, of firm or soft material and has a foot arch. You need to make your own decision and get a shoe which matches your needs for support.

Shock absorption

The material used for absorbing shock is some time sacrificed when it comes to table tennis shoes so that they can be as light as possible. Consider your playing ground, wooden sprung floor or concrete floor so as to choose the right shoe for the grounds. For wooden floor, it does not matter much, but for concrete you will require a shoe which can absorb the shock.


Extra weight in your shoe will not only slow you down but also make you tired as you play. Go for a light shoe. But remember that light means that your shoe has been compromised due to the reduced material.

Other factors to consider

  • Durability – more durable the better
  • Grip – depends on the player. Either a lot or less grip
  • Stiffness – they vary in the amount of bend they have between toe and heel. It depends on the player likes.
  • Looks – everyone want a stylish shoe. It feels great.

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