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Tips on Converting a Basement to a Game Room

A basement is the ideal place for creating a family game room, especially if the entire space can be used.

A basement is the ideal place for creating a family game room, especially if the entire space can be used. Converting an unfinished lower level to an area for entertaining and spending leisure time with friends and family can be very easy, and it does not have to cost thousands of dollars. With the addition of an inexpensive drop ceiling, sturdy carpeting and drywall, it can become a haven for fun and relaxation.

I had a basement game room in the second home I owned, and it was perfect for entertaining adults and kids. I hired a retired builder, and he completed the work for less than I ever imagined possible. The man installed drywall over the longest wall, and I painted the remaining walls with paint especially for basement use. He also added a drop ceiling to hide the plumbing and ductwork, and he surrounded the support poles with wood. Read on for more tips on converting a basement to a game room, and create a play space for kids and adults.

Add an area for conversation, television entertainment and gaming

My basement game room had a zone that included a sofa, loveseat, side table, coffee table and television. A gas log fireplace with beautiful decorative tiles embellished the corner. The basement was primarily a game room, but having an area for television and video gaming was a plus.

When converting a basement to a game room, consider using one corner or a small portion of the room for conversation, television and video gaming. I placed the sofa facing the television and the love seat off to the right to create an L-shaped seating area. The fireplace was to the left of the seating area, and it provided a decorative touch as well as plenty of heat during the coldest months of the year. It was a great place to take a nap, watch television or play video games.

Consider adding a cork wall for dart games

An electronic dartboard is also a fantastic addition when converting a basement to a game room. My basement game room had a full-size pool table and a dartboard that offered a number of games for kids and adults. My ex husband and I created the perfect setting for playing darts using the information in the article entitled How to Hang Cork Tiles for a Dartboard. When players missed, dart tips were not broken and walls were not damaged. Consult the article for more information.

Install a dry bar in an empty corner

Another corner of the basement game room was equipped with a dry bar. We kept a small refrigerator behind it. We stocked the dry bar with snacks of all kinds and extra cans of pop and other drinks. The dry bar was a great way to use the empty corner when converting the basement to a usable space, and it was an important addition to our game room. It eliminated the need to go upstairs for drinks and snacks while giving game room guests a place to sit and take a break.

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