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Transforming a Playroom into a Game Room

Turning a playroom into a game room for kids involves focusing on what children like and giving them space to play.

A child’s playroom is such an exciting decorating project for first time parents or parents moving into a new home, but as the kid’s age the room typically becomes outdated and stagnant. By keeping on top of your child or children’s trends their playroom can stay up to date and become a place where they and their friends love to hang out.

Wall decor

  • Primary colors. When first decorating a child’s playroom, painting or wallpapering the walls in a cute character themed way is tempting but decorating in solid, primary colors is a much better idea. It gives you greater flexibility in the future. The good news is changing wall colors is pretty easy and inexpensive.
  • Wall clings. If character themes are too much to resist, opt for wall clings. Wall clings are a relatively inexpensive way to decorate walls, they look incredible, and can be replaced or updated in a snap.
  • Use wall space. Do not put fragile or sentimental items on the wall, instead use the space as functional space; framing board games as artwork that can be removed and used or with pegs and posts to hang up accessories. A wall with a bank of old school lockers painted fresh colors is perfect for storage.
  • Chalkboard and magnetic paint. Use chalkboard and magnetic paint on the walls and they become extremely functional and your children can change them at any age whenever they want.


  • Expensive furnishings are not necessary in either a child’s playroom or a game room. Used and garage sale furniture with a little refurbishing and paint can last for years.
  • A table and chairs is almost always necessary for art projects, board games, puzzles and other activities.
  • Television/game viewing station. Today’s kids love video games so a kid’s game room with a video area is almost essential. Large comfortable chairs are nice, but more portable furniture like flip-and-folds and bean bags are better because they quickly and easily can be moved out of the way for more interactive games that require physical movement.
  • Bedding isn’t necessary but using a game room as a sleep over room is a great idea. Consider investing in inexpensive air mattresses that can be inflated and deflated quickly and then conveniently stored.


  • Modular flooring. Modular flooring that can be installed, moved and removed is the best idea for a kid’s game room. Look for rubber flooring that is easy to clean and comfortable to run and stand on. It’s also softer than concrete floors in case of falls.
  • Area rugs. Area rugs are a nice way to add extra comfort for guests or additional padding for sitting or sleepovers. Make sure all area rugs have an adhesive or gripping back so they don’t become a slipping hazard.
  • Plastic flooring. Plastic runners and squares are inexpensive and can be rolled out under tables for large projects or put away when more floor space is necessary.

Turning a playroom into a game room for kids involves focusing on what children like and giving them space to play. Encouraging active play is a great idea so the more open space they have the better. By letting your child get involved in the process you’re sure to include their favorite activities and they’ll feel a sense of pride in the room.

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