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Winmau Diamond Plus Dynamic Wire Design Dartboard Review: Best for Home

Need a high-quality dartboard for games at home? Then this pick will serve that purpose just right with its quality construction and design.

Winmau Diamond Plus Dynamic Wire Design Dartboard

Winmau Diamond Plus Dynamic Wire Design Dartboard

What sets this model apart is that it uses diamond wiring. Most dartboards in this price range use round wires, which are prone to bounce-outs, which can wreck your darts. Granted, the thing with diamond wires is that while they are better than round wires, they still don’t perform as well as blade wires.

  • Brand: Winmau
  • Product number: WIN400
  • Item dimensions: 17.75 x 17.75 x 1.5 inches


This dartboard offers some of the best bangs for your buck on the market. It has quality construction, great design, and comes with all the mounting hardware you need. While it would’ve been nice if the dartboard came with darts and blade wiring, it’s still a great buy for its price.


  • Staple-free bullseye reduced bounce-outs
  • Vibrant inks and design
  • Angled wires
  • Rotating number ring
  • High-quality sisal fibers


  • Diamond wiring still not as good as blade wiring
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Tired of bounce-outs and low-quality dartboards?

Then this dartboard might just be the right pick for your home. It has all the features you need from a casual dartboard and even comes with diamond wiring that beats out the competition in its price range!


Before anything, we have to talk about the wiring. The diamond wiring on this dartboard is really well done. Again, diamond wires are not as good as blade dartboards. However, since they are cheaper, they are still a much better option than getting round wires, which is a huge point in this dartboard’s favor.

Another cool feature is the sisal board and the high-quality inks. This makes it much easier to make sure your darts stick while also making it easier to aim for the right targets. And with the diamond wiring, your darts will always be directed to the true scores.

While it would have been nice if this model came with darts so you can start playing right away, it’s understandable considering all the premium features it already comes with.


This dartboard will last you a long time. As long as you don’t abuse it and make sure to rotate the number ring every now and then, the sisal fibers in the boards heal themselves. On top of that, the dartboard is thick and dense enough that it can easily withstand regular use and long games.

Ease of use

Mounting this dartboard is no problem. It comes with all the mounting hardware you need and a detailed set of instructions to guide you through the process. However, we found one thing that made this dartboard a bit less convenient than its counterparts: the lack of darts.

If you already have darts at home, this should be no problem. But if you’re new to the game and haven’t gone out to buy yourself a set, make sure to get your hands on one before ordering this dartboard.

Value for money

This model scored high in this category. This is because the dartboard offers a bunch of different premium features at a bargain price. At this price point, it’s hard to find a model that offers a sisal board and diamond wiring. So, if you need quality at a fair price, then this dartboard could be just what you need.

Final verdict

This dartboard is ideal for anyone looking to play darts at home. Granted, it lacks some features that you may want from a dartboard to set up at a bar. However, for casual home games with friends and family, this model does the job and then some.

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